What Does the 不 Emoji Mean?

The number of emojis we have access to has continued to grow in recent years, with new ones being added that seem to be slightly exaggerated versions of others that we are already familiar with.

One example of this is the 不 emoji.

What Does the 不 Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji Mean in Texting?

What 不 Means

At first glance, 不 appears to simply be a more intense version of the emoji. But what exactly does 不 mean, and why is it different than the original "laughing crying face?"

不 can mean a variety of things, but they're all related to laughter. It's most often translated to "rolling on the floor laughing," due mainly to its slightly tilted stature. This is exaggerated further by the eyes, which are more similar to the emoji than the original although, like the original crying laughing face, this one has also taken on a slight connotation of being basic or even cringey.


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不 From a Crush

If your crush keeps texting you the 不 emoji, chances are that they find you legitimately funny and want to convey just how much you're cracking them upeven if they aren't literally on the floor thanks to your jokes. Whether you get 不 from a girl or a guy, that's a great sign. Their usage of emojis might be slightly outdatedbut that's another topic altogether!


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