What Does the 😊 Emoji Mean?

We can't think of many face emojis more adorable than this one 😊.

What the 😊 emoji means


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What 😊 Means

If you've ever received it over text and wondered what it might mean, though, it really depends on context. This one could come from anyone, whether it be a crush, to a friend or even a parent or coworker. Here's how to know what it means based on who it's from:


😊 From a Crush

Take 😊 as a flirty "you made me blush."


😊 From a Guy

The 😊 emoji from a guy can often be construed as slightly more flirty, unless he's an overall smiley and happy guy.


😊 From a Girl

The 😊 emoji is a sweet and kind emoji, so if that description fits the girl who's texting you, don't read too much into it. However, if she uses it a lot, it just might mean she likes you.


😊 From a Friend

A somewhat innocent and sweet smiley, 😊 is often used for giving or receiving compliments.


😊 From a Colleague or Older Adult

From grownups, 😊 is just a sweet smiley face that's upgraded from the classic πŸ™‚


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