What Does the πŸ’• Emoji Mean?

While the emojis that feature facial expressions can say a lot, there are few emojis that require more careful attention and craftsmanship than the many heart emojis.

They come in just about every color of the rainbow, with one standout being the πŸ’• emoji.

What the πŸ’• two hearts emoji means

What πŸ’• Means

Showing two hearts that are meant to look like one is hovering in front of the other (conveyed by the two different sizes), this emoji can mean any of the following:

  • Love
  • Affection
  • Pleasure
  • Happiness

It can also be sent as a sign of support, especially in cases when a friend is dealing with some form of friendship. To determine the specific meaning of this particular emoji, you'll have to rely on context.Β It's also often used when giving or receiving a compliment, making it the perfect emoji to send in your group chat (but less perfect to send to your most recent crush).


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πŸ’• From a Guy

The πŸ’• emoji can also mean vastly different things depending onΒ whoΒ sends it to you. Guys are much less likely to use πŸ’• in a casual context, so if a guy is sending you the emoji, chances are that he thinks of you in a romantic way.


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πŸ’• From a Girl

Girls, however, are much more likely to use πŸ’• in everyday situations to mean all kinds of things, from expressing gratitude to joy. You'll definitely want more context before jumping to any conclusions.


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