What Does the πŸ˜’ Emoji Mean?

Emojis are a part of our daily communications, but in many ways, they are also somewhat of an art form.

They can be used to express a wide variety of emotions, from amusement to, well, the opposite. In this case, we're talking about the "unamused face" emoji: πŸ˜’.

What the πŸ˜’ Unamused Face Emoji Means in Texting

What πŸ˜’ Means in Texting

If you need a quick little refresher on all things amusing about this wry-smiled face, here's your guide to what it can mean:

  • Being bothered/bugged
  • Feeling irritated or displeased
  • A general sense of grumpiness
  • Skepticism about something or someone

While it's not exactly a "happy" or "positive" emoji by any means, the unamused face can still go a long way when used correctly.


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πŸ˜’ From a Crush

So what does the πŸ˜’ emoji mean in a text from a crush? Well, whether you get πŸ˜’ from a guy or a girl, prepare for them to be in a grumpy mood. If you get this face in response to somethingΒ you'veΒ done, be very mindful of your actions, as chances are they aren't happy with you! However, when this emoji is used to refer to someone else or an unpleasant situation in general, it may be a signal that they feel open and honest with you. This might be a great time to lend an ear and hear what's bothering them, and strengthen your bond in the process.


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