“Woozy” is not a feeling that most of us experience daily, but it is one that is stark enough to deserve its own emoji: 打.

What Does 打Mean?

This little face, which features a squiggly mouth and eyes of two different sizes, conveys so much emotion in so small of an imagebut what exactly does it mean?

The definition of woozy is roughly “unsteady, dizzy or dazed.” It can mean someone’s feeling a little out of sorts, or that they’re in a state that means they’re not thinking clearly. It also represents feeling tired, or baffled by a situation. That part is pretty clear, but determining what the emoji means in context can be a little trickier.


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打 From a Girl

打 can mean a number of things from a girl. It can be used after saying something embarrassing to admit that she knows it sounds weird. If you’re a guy flirting with a girl and she sends you the 打 emoji, it might be a signal that she thinks you sound and look as silly as the emoji does, so it may be time to reel things back.


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打 From a Guy

In our experience, guys primarily use 打 as a sign that they’re notallthere at the moment. However, it can be used to convey a sense of love-drunkness as well.


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打 From Your Crush

If it’s coming from your crush, it might mean that they feel woozy after talking to you because they’re intimated by you. But according to the internet, the face is also used to poke fun at guys who try to make a “hot” face in photos that just ends up going awry.


So, take the woozy emoji however you choose, and learn more about what the emoji means by clicking HERE.