What to Do If Your BFF Is Changing Schools

Losing a best friend to a new school is tough, but just because your BFF is headed to college or has moved away, it doesn't mean you have to lose touch completely.

In fact, if you follow a few simple pointers below about what to do (and not do) when your bestie relocates, you can ensure you and your treasured pal will be closer than ever! Check out this list of tips for advice on how to deal with a far away friend.

Do: Schedule a Time to Talk or Visit

If your bestie has moved away, be sure to schedule a time to talk or visit with them as soon as you can. In fact, setting up a time to reconnect before they move, might put you both at ease about the big change and help to ensure you stay in touch even when your lives get hectic.

If your pal is in a new school close by, try to make some of your check-ins in-person visits so you can get some quality bonding in. Even an activity like watching a favorite movie together or going to the mall can do the trick.

However, if there's too much distance between you and your pal to arrange a visit, then do your best to talk on the phone once a week, a few times a month, or whenever it most conveniently fits into each of your schedules. Texting and social media are great ways to stay in touch on a day-to-day basis, but make sure at least some of the time you spend reconnecting is done on the phone so you can have more in-depth catch ups.


Don't: Dwell on the Past

It can be difficult to adjust to life at school without your BFF by your side, but try not to get too caught up in the past as the new year starts. There's nothing wrong with reminiscing and remembering all the good times you shared together, but dwelling too much on what was, as opposed to the present, isn't healthy or productive, and can actually be harmful to you in the long run.

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Do: Join a New Group or Activity

Don't view your bestie being gone as a loss. Instead, look at it as an opportunity for you to expand your horizons and social circle, and use it as a stepping stone to try new things that you previously wouldn't have considered. To get yourself started, join a new group, activity or sport. This will allow you to meet new people who share at least some of your interests, meaning there's definite new pal potential!


Don't: Only Seek Out People Who Remind You of Your Bestie

Though it can be easy to fall into the trap of seeking out a new friend who reminds you of your BFF, try not to limit yourself in that way. Instead, focus on meeting new and interesting people as opposed to concentrating on finding a replacement for your pal. Not only will this help you organically get some healthy distance from your bestie, but it will also help you meet others whose paths you may not have otherwise crossed.

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Do: Encourage and Support Your BFF

As difficult as this move is on you, it's probably much harder on your BFF, who is likely entering a new school and environment knowing virtually no one. As a friend, it's part of your job to encourage your pal and make him or her feel appreciated and secure. You can do that by sending supportive texts, checking in frequently, and generally being a shoulder to lean on if and when needed during this transition period. Your friend will be grateful for your assistance, and it will likely bring you closer than before.


Don't: Let FOMO Get the Best of You

While supporting your bestie means you're being a good friend, once they settle into their new school and environment, make sure FOMO doesn't get the best of you. It can be tough to see Instagram posts of your pal hanging out and having fun with their new friends, but ultimately you should just be thankful they've found a new crowd they feel comfortable with.

If you do your best to maintain the friendship despite the change of school, your BFF will still treasure the relationship you two share. Plus, if you listen (and follow) the aforementioned advice about the importance of meeting new people, you won't be bothered by your bestie's new squad. In fact, you'll probably welcome it.

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