6 Things to Do This Leo Season

If the last month or so has been full of heavy emotions and sentimentality for you, you're not alone—just blame Cancer season.

No offense to our lovely crabs of the zodiac, but it's safe to say that most of us are ready for a breath of fresh air (or should we say fire?). Well good news: Leo season is officially here! Since July 22, the proud lion has taken its place where it belongs: in the spotlight. No matter what your sun sign may be, Leo season is a time full of fun, good times and maybe just a light sprinkling of drama.

Not sure how to celebrate and spend the time before Virgo season brings us all back down to earth in late August? We can think of a few ideas. Let's jump into a few things to do this Leo season:

1. Throw a Party

Despite the stereotypes, Leos aren't only about being the center of attention. They're also all about generosity, so why not combine the best of those two characteristics and host a gathering with all your favorite people? Put on a party—whether it be a sleepover with just your closest friends or a pool party with everyone you know—and enjoy every moment of being generous while getting some love for hosting in return.

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2. Spend Some Time in the Sun

Leo is the only sign ruled by the sun, making this season the perfect time to get outside and soak up some summer rays. Just don't forget to be as generous with your sunblock as you are with your friends while having some fun in sun.


3. Do Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

Leos don't do anything halfway, and they're all about being bold, so why not do something outside of your normal comfort zone this Leo season? Embrace the confidence of the lion and go for something that you've been wanting, but were too afraid to ask for before. Whether you're asking out your crush or just trying something new at your favorite restaurant, go ahead and go for it.

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4. Get Your Hair Done

These lions sure do love a well-maintained mane after all. Channel that same energy at your next hair appointment, whether you're just going for that much-needed trim or trying a color you've been wanting for a long time.


5. Put on a Show

As the only sign ruled by the sun, it's not hard to imagine why Leos do love to be the center of attention at least sometimes (the other planets do revolve around the sun and not the other way around, just saying). That's also probably why so many of your favorite celebs, from musicians to actors and everyone in between, share this creative sign. Borrow some of that energy and "put on a show" of your own, whether that be during karaoke with your friends or just telling a really good story on TikTok. There's no better time than Leo season to embrace being the star that you are, right?

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6. Get a Taste of Luxury

Leo and luxury just go so well together, don't they? Embrace your luxurious side this season, whether by treating yourself to a new outfit you've been wanting or going out to a nicer-than-normal dinner (with dessert, of course). It's time to indulge just a bit more than normal, so don't hold back.


When it comes to ways to spend Leo season, the sky really is the limit. This is really just a taste of all the things there are to do during this time of the year, so get creative and spend it however you like. And if you need some more ideas to keep in mind, check out our list of ways to feed your fiery side this Leo season by clicking HERE.