What to Do If Your Relationship Is Dying Amid Social Distancing

Some people are either adamantly against long distance relationships, or have simply never given them much thought—but many of us are now being forced into them (from actually not so far away distances), thanks to coronavirus-induced social distancing.

Relationships are hard enough as it is, and suddenly having to communicate with your partner solely via call, text or video chat changes your dynamic entirely, regardless of how solid things once were between you two.

Depending on the nature of your situation, the passion and excitement may have fizzled, or lack of in-person communication may cause more arguments than usual. If you feel like your relationship is dying amid social distancing, keep reading for what to do:

1. Look at the Core of Your Relationship

This whole social distancing situation can actually help you understand your relationship better than ever. With your normal routines and activities removed, you're getting a good glimpse at what your dynamics are at their center, and what you actually want out of your relationship.

Does your partnership consist of deep conversation, vulnerability and compromise? Is it more based more on kissing and cuddling? Or does it focus on constant activities or doing things in groups? If you look closer and realize it's lacking the first, that explains a lot of why you may feel yourself drifting from your S.O. With so much activity and in-person interaction taken out of the mix, there's a chance your relationship may not have the core values to keep you together.

That said, not all hope is lost. If you pride yourself on having a relationship based more on the second or third factors, then accept that things may be a little off for now, but that they can likely pick up where you left off once you see each other again. Given the world's collective circumstances, they likely won't be exactly the same, but there's a good chance they can fall into old patterns over time.

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2. Consider the Reality of Your Relationship

One important part of a successful relationship is the ability to sit around and just talk, or, quite frankly, sit around and do nothing. We're not saying you have to be head-over-heels, utterly obsessed with the person you're dating in order to want to make it work, but you should enjoy being with them just to be. While it's a little harder to enjoy them when you're not there in person, a strong couple with a bright future is one that'll be satisfied just seeing each other's faces pop up on a screen, or hear one another's voices. If your partner starts to bore you or you no longer get excited about their calls, you may have to accept that your relationship is a bit more surface-y and perhaps not deep enough to take you through these dark times.


3. Let Your Romantic Side Show

Six weeks into quarantine, it may be difficult to come up with inventive ways to get romantic—or maybe you're just not a romantic person, period. Now's the time to pull out all the stops. Perhaps a loving, unexpected gesture is just what you need to show your S.O. that you truly want to make this work.

It can be something simple, like sending one of these loving, heartfelt texts, or something that takes a little more work, like a quarantine care package or other special delivery. Either way, they should absolutely appreciate the effort—and if they don't, welp, that's on them!

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4. Introduce Something New to the Virtual Relationship

You may feel fresh out of options this deep into quarantine, and you're certainly not to blame, but there are a bunch of digital date ideas you may not have considered. You can also have some silly fun by having your S.O. take on a similar skincare routine from afar or you could both paint your nails fun colors and post on IG. We get it, these aren't the most innovative of options, but we're making do. And trust us, no one will judge you for posting ridiculous stuff during these times.


5. Have a Serious Talk

If all else fails and your relationship woes are eating away at you, now's the time to have a serious talk. With absolutely no distractions or excuses, your S.O. can't really get out of this one. Lay it all out on the table. Maybe you'll come up with ways to spice things up, or maybe you'll accept it is what it is until you reunite in person. Either way, it'll feel good to have your feelings off your chest and know that you've communicated all you want to say.

These are challenging times for everyone, and there's no right or wrong way to do relationships when you're social distancing. Everyone's figuring it out together, and your partner is almost certainly as confused as you. If indeed you do decide to break things off for now, think of it as a weight lifted. Your pent-up energy that can now go into something more meaningful, like a new project or a hobby you've been invested in for some time. And it's utmost importance to be grateful for your health.

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