What to Do When Someone You Care About Blocks You on Social Media

Finding out that someone you care about has blocked you on social media can be hard.

We can come up with so many ideas about why that specific person has
blocked us, whether they don't want any further contact, or they simply just want to be left alone. In some cases, it can be devastating to be blocked by someone you loved and shared your life with. If you're finding yourself in that situation, here are some major dos and don'ts for handling it.

Don't Stalk Their Page for Answers

Maybe this goes without saying, but the last thing you should do is attempt to stalk their page in search of an answer. After all, social media is not reality, and it's unlikely that you're going to get your direct answer until you are able to speak to the other person directly.

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Focus on Yourself

In tough situations like this, we tend to get emotional—and that's okay. You should give yourself space to express your emotions. Just remember that the more you obsess over the situation, the harder it may become to move on. Happiness is within oneself, and doesn't come from someone else. It is best not to overthink the situation, because the more you do, the worse it can get for your mental health. Try not to take it personally, especially if you don't know exactly why you've been blocked. You never know if someone just needed time alone, or if they're upset with you for something that will pass. Instead, take care of yourself, and so something to keep busy. It may also be best to stay off of social media for a little bit.


Reach Out

This can be a scary step, but if you truly care about someone, and you know they care about you, and can be helpful to reach out to that person. Do not accuse, blame or start a fight about the situation. Instead, try to calmly explain that it hurt your feelings when they blocked you, and would love to know why they did, but that you're also willing to give them time away from you if it's needed. Hopefully, you'll be able to get the truth about what happened, and figure out whether there's a way to move forward from it, or if it's time you to went your own ways.

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Negotiate the Aftermath

In some cases, people will cut off all contact, only to come scrambling back, later. When they do, think before you respond. We know that feeling in your gut that can happen when you see their name pop up on your phone again, but before you immediately let them back into your life, consider how you felt when you needed them, and they were no longer there for you. Maybe your life was better with them in it—but maybe it wasn't, and just because they want back in doesn't mean you should give it to them. Will being friends with them again be good for you, or just do more damage? Take note of how far you've come without them, and how much more you can do in the future without them, and act from there.

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