What to Do When You and Your S.O. Aren't on the Same Page About PDA

PDA is a touchy subject (no pun intended!), but one that should always have a set of ground rules.

If you and your S.O. aren't seeing eye-to-eye on the topic, follow these tips to make your interactions in public way less awkward.

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Stay in Your Own Comfort Zone

Let's get this one straight: No matter what anybody tells you, stay in your comfort zone. No amount of begging, pleading or cute Instagram comments should make you stray from what you inherently feel is okay. It's totally fine to feel like you're a more private person even if your S.O. feels like they want to express their adoration in public. Take PDA at your own speed and the whole ride will be way easier.

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Pick the Correct Setting to Chat with your Partner

Don't try to take up the PDA question with your partner immediately after you've swatted their hand away at a basketball game. Opt for a setting where no PDA is expressed to take on the chat. Enter the conversation already knowing what your non-negotiables are.

If you're the partner wanting more PDA, enter the conversation with good reasoning behind why you feel showing your care in public is important. Explain underlying issues that may be causing you to feel this way and don't be afraid to feel vulnerable. This topic can bring out many skeletons in the closet, including jealousy and fear of getting cheated on, so be open-minded and transparent.


Always Compromise

Compromising doesn't mean veering into uncomfortable territory. Compromising means listening to your partner and having their needs met in a way that also works for you too. Are you hearing that your S.O. feels they need more PDA so their ex will stop lurking? Then maybe being more active on each other's socials will do the trick vs. being more lovey-dovey in public.


Let Things Evolve With Time

The worst mistake you can make is nagging about a topic over and over again. After you and your S.O have reached a conclusion, sit with the decision for a while. Let time do its thing and let both of you grow into your new PDA compromise. As you get to know each other as a couple, you'll find that your affections will change and they'll become second nature to both of you. Don't hurry along the situation or try to beat your partner over the head with your messaging time and time again.

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