What to Do When You've Been Stood Up

Getting stood up is rough, but don't let it ruin your day.

Though it's easier said than done, there are ways to ensure a failed date doesn't put you in a bad mood and cause you to question yourself and what you have to offer, because it shouldn't. If you need some pointers, keep reading for our list of what to do when you've been stood up. We've got your back!

Don't Obsess Over It

There's no denying getting stood up hurts, but dwelling on the unfortunate incident won't do you any good. If you start asking yourself why your date stood you up, or begin to wonder if it was all some unfortunate mix-up when it's clear the person you made plans with bailed for one reason or another, it's easy to get caught in a spiral of self-doubt, and that's not productive, healthy or warranted.

And try not to get caught up in feeling too badly for yourself, either. You got stood up, it happens, but chances are your date bailed for reasons that actually have very little to do with you. One missed date doesn't mean there's something "wrong" with you, and it certainly doesn't indicate no one will ever want to take you out. Do your best to accept the pain of being stood up and move on. It's your date's loss!


But Allow Yourself to Feel Sad If You Need To

That said, if you're truly bummed about being stood up, don't just put on a brave face because you feel like you have to. Allow yourself to feel hurt and talk it out with a family member or friend if need be. You'll soon realize you're not the first person to be stood up, and you won't be the last, either. If a good cry is what you need to get past the hurt, then go ahead.

Cristina and Meredith on Grey's Anatomy
(Grey's Anatomy via ABC)


Go Somewhere You Feel Comfortable

If you're meeting someone in a public place and he or she didn't show, ditch that locale and go somewhere where you feel comfortable. Whether that's the mall, a friend's house, or one of your favorite restaurants, heading somewhere where you feel safe and secure will help you get over the bad taste the failed date left in your mouth and allow you to process it in a protected environment. It also gives you the space you need to be upset about what happened on your own terms, and allows for the opportunity to turn an unfortunate experience into something you might actually enjoy.


Call a Friend

In that same vein, if you've spent time prepping for a date and mentally readying yourself for a fun outing, don't just turn around and head home once you've realized the other party isn't coming. Instead, call a friend and turn the failed excursion into something fun. If you and your date were headed out to dinner, text a few of your pals and ask them to meet you for a bite to eat instead. Were you meant to be seeing a movie? Who's to say you can't have a friend join you instead of a significant other? Basically, there's no reason to let a perfectly good day or night go to waste just because you've been stood up, and surrounding yourself with people who care about you is a good way to turn things around.

Monica and Rachel on Friends
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Be Bold

If you're annoyed and angry that your date bailed, and you're feeling particularly empowered, go ahead and call him or her out on it. Assuming you know your date stood you up with no good reason, without getting too upset, let them know they hurt you and wasted your time. Whether or not your date really empathizes with how you feel, you'll likely feel a bit better just letting them know how you feel. Plus, standing up for yourself in a situation like this shows the other person you have a strong sense of self-worth and value how you spend your time.

Treat Yourself

If being stood up has got you feeling upset, that's totally normal, and sometimes the best way to turn a bad day into a good one is by doing a little something nice for yourself. We're not talking about a massive shopping spree, but if you're bummed because your date was a no-show, go ahead and order that makeup palette you've been eyeing online or pick up that cute new bag that caught your eye at the mall last week. Every once in a while, a little pick-me-up after an unfortunate incident is all you need to get yourself back on track. Do your best to make the most of an otherwise lousy experience.


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