8 Things to Expect When You Get a Facial for the First Time

Getting a facial is utmost luxury for your skin.

Whether you have a big event coming up, have a problematic skin concern or you simply just want to give your face a recharge, seeing an esthetician for some hour-long TLC will have you feeling good as new.

We recently made our way to the swanky Kate Somerville spa in West Hollywood, California, where we got a $175 Signature Facial from Lucy. Based on our experience, below are eight things you can expect when you get a facial for the first time.

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1. You Won't Be the Youngest Client

Lucy encourages people to start getting facials at a young age. With so many hormonal changes, your skin is prone to all sorts of issues. She says her youngest client is 10, proving it really isn't ever too early to start.


2. Everyone's Treatment Process Will Be Different

Everyone's skin is different, so depending on whether you have dry, oily or acne-prone skin, for example, your facial will be specially curated to aid the issue(s).

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3. You'll Likely Fall Asleep

You'll lie down in a towel-like covering under some sheets in a room full of aromatherapy scents. It's not surprising if you fall into a cozy powernap. This is your time to luxuriate, so enjoy!


4. Some Parts Can Be a Little Uncomfortable

While most of the experience is indeed relaxing, when it comes to the extraction process, depending on your skin, it can be a little painful or at least uncomfortable. Our skin is mostly free of breakouts, but even so, there was still the removal of blackheads and unclogging pores. There was also a high-frequency machine that was used to kill bacteria (it also helps with breakouts). This was a swiftly moving piece of machinery that had a little bit of a sting as it rotated around our face. It wasn't the worst thing ever, but also, it really depends on your skin.


5. The Facial Process Consists of Mostly Mask and Serum Application

Aside from the extraction and the high-frequency machine, the remainder of the process was mostly mask, serum and sunscreen application. Some solutions remained on longer than others, and some have thicker consistencies than others.

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6. Your Facial Could End With a Massage

When the final mask was being applied to our skin for approximately 10-15 minutes, we were given a very relaxing hand and shoulder massage.


7. Getting Just One Facial Isn't Going to Dramatically Change Your Skin Long-Term

Like with any regimen, it takes time to see long-term results. While your skin will definitely feel refreshed after one treatment, if you don't maintain a consistent routine, your skin won't stay facial-fresh for long.

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8. Seeing Redness Right After Is Nothing to Worry About

With all of the extracting and exfoliation, it's normal for your skin to feel slightly more sensitive once your facial is complete. Rest assured, the redness goes away after a few hours, and that it's nothing alarming. If you're worried about putting makeup on immediately afterward, we recommend using Oxygenetix, a breathable formula specially designed for newly treated skin.


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