Getting your eyebrows professionally done for the first time is like a rite of passage.

It may sound silly, but this is the moment you’re graduating from a carelessly over-plucked girl, to a chic, properly waxed young lady. Yes, this is a big deal, and you don’t want to take the experience lightly.

As people who have been getting our brows professionally polished for years, we can tell you exactly what to expect during this time. Keep reading for eight things you can anticipate on your big, beautifying day.

1. You’ll Get the Quality You Pay For

There are plenty of places where you can get a cheap waxing, but when it comes to certain beautifying services, spending a little extra for a high-quality experience is worth it.

It’s not even about being at a fancy spa that matters, it’s really about the quality of the wax. Cheaper places cost less because the wax is lower quality, which in turn causes greater redness and can be more stubborn to come off of the body.

But at the end of the day, you ideally just want someone who shapes your brows properly, so if you don’t care about the quality of the wax, then by all means go cheap.


2. You’ll Probably Be Pressured Into Getting an Additional Service (But Don’t Let It Offend You)

We can’t think of a single time we’ve been in to get our brows waxed and we haven’t been asked to do something else. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to get your “upper lip” aka mustache waxed—it happens all the time! We got offended the first few times we were asked, but after talking to friends, we realized this is totally common and nothing that should make us self-conscious. But also, don’t feel obligated to give in to their suggestions. You came to get your brows done, so leave it at that if it’s all you genuinely want.


3. The Actual Waxing Process Is All But a Minute Long (If That!)

Most of the process of you lying on that table is the brow specialist putting a special white powder over your brows and then applying the melted wax. But the actual waxing itself is an incredibly quick process. Granted, the specialist may have to do a couple additional quick rips, but seriously, you’ll be in and out before you know it.


4. You’ll Only Feel Pain When the Strips Come Off (So, Very Temporarily)

Luckily, this is one quick service, and once the white strips rip the wax off your brow area, the pain doesn’t linger. So you can leave campus at lunch, get yourself waxed and go back on with your school day as if nothing happened.


5. Tweezing May Be Involved to Rid a Few Stubborn or Stray Hairs

Even though a waxing is put in place to avoid all that tedious individual plucking, you still may have to be plucked a little here and there. There tend to occasionally be those stubborn hairs that will only budge with the help of tweezers, but this won’t be a long or painful process.


6. You’ll See Redness for a Few Hours

While the pain of being eyebrow-waxed goes away immediately, the redness, on the other hand is pretty apparent for part of the day. It’s nothing you can’t cover up with a little makeup, and it’s totally normal and nothing that should alarm you. If the redness persists, or you happen to break out in any way, you should definitely consult your specialist and see a doctor before getting this service done again.


7. You’ll Be Surprised How One Simple Shaping Will Change How Different You Look

We’ve had phases where our brows are pencil thin and it seems like there’s nothing that can possibly save them, or we’ve just really hated our shape. You’ll be in awe over what one amazing A+ waxing can do. You’ll really see your face in a fresh, more flattering light.


8. Your Brow Hair Will Likely Grow Back Between 5-10 Days After Your Waxing

As much as we wish waxing our brows permanently shaped our hairs, it is unfortunately just a quick-fix to a lifetime problem. Having Cara Delevingne-level brows requires regular maintenance, so try not to get frustrated when you see your newly waxed hair growing back in. If you want to avoid having to go back to the salon so frequently, mess around with eyebrow-shading pencils or shadows in the meantime.


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