Here's What to Expect When You Go on Vacation With Your Significant Other's Family

Meeting your significant other's family for the first time is no easy feat, but once it's over and done with, the rest is a breeze.

After getting over the initial awkwardness, you finally have the opportunity to get to know them. And if all goes well, they'll like you and your charming personality. From birthday dinners to holidays, and sporting events to beach days, there will be plenty of face time with your partner's fam. If the chance has arisen to go on a family vacation with them, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Keep scrolling to find out what to expect when you go on vacation with your S.O.'s family.

They Might Pressure You Into Trying Things You're Not Comfortable With

Whether it's something as simple as a new food or as terrifying as going rock climbing, know that it's okay to say no. If your S.O.'s family is pressuring you into doing or trying something, you absolutely do not have to cater to their every whim. Stand up for yourself and don't be afraid to say if something makes you uncomfortable. They might give you a hard time, but in the end, they'll appreciate your honesty!

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They Might Expect You and Your S.O. to Spend Every Waking Second With Them

If you were at home, their family definitely wouldn't expect you to hang out with them 24/7, right? So why should it be any different on vacay? Of course, it's important to hang out with them, but make a point to have some alone time with your partner. Whether it's going on a walk, grabbing a bite to eat or something else, at least one activity away from the family a day is perfectly reasonable.


They Might Annoy You and You Might Annoy Them

Whether they hog the bathroom, are messier than you imagined or wake you up earlier than you're used to, chances are, you'll get annoyed at some point during the trip. Plus, the same can be said of yourself! You might do something that gets on their nerves, but it's all part of the process. Know when to speak up and when to stay silent. There's no point in starting an argument if it's going to make everyone else feel awkward.


They Might Ask About the Future of Your Relationship

They will definitely ask about the future of your relationship! Whether you've been dating their childfor six months, a year or several years, we're willing to bet the subject of your relationship will come up. They might ask where you see it going. Are you going to the same college? Will you ever move in together? Do your religious and political views matter? Get ready for an onslaught of questions.


You Might See a New Side of Your Partner

Sure, you've seen your partner around their family back at home, but on vacation, they might completely change their behavior. Some families go on vacation and have the time of their lives, while others bicker at every little thing. Your S.O.'s family might have some weird vacation rituals you aren't aware of, too. Just be sure to prepare yourself for the worst—but hopefully best!

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