What to Get for Your Boyfriend This Holiday Season

Shopping for boyfriends can be a pretty daunting task.

Do you get them something lovey-dovey? Practical? Funny? There are so many directions to go, so it can get pretty overwhelming. We spoke with all the guys we could think of and looked to some of our favorite brands for inspo, and we think we figured out what every type of boyfriend could ever want.

Interested in finding out what we came up with? Keep reading for our ultimate gift guide of what to get your boyfriend this holiday season!

For the Stylish One

Buttercloth Autumn Scout In Taupe: $138

Picture this—your boyfriend is wearing this gorgeous taupe pullover that you just know you'll eventually steal. We're fans of pretty much everything Buttercloth has to offer because of their insanely cool and famous fabric. This pullover is no different! Featuring buttery soft fabric and a zip mock neck, this look can be worn casual and even dressed up.


(via Buttercloth)


Lonely Ghost Yves Saint Lonely Grey Tee: $30

If your boyfriend has a better wardrobe than you, they'll be wowed by this gift from Lonely Ghost. With a not-so-subtle nod to Yves Saint Laurent, this tee is going to become their new favorite. Plus, it's another shirt we can definitely see ourselves stealing, err, borrowing!


(via Instagram)


Hedley and Bennett The Essential Apron In Blackberry: $95

If your man likes to get messy in the kitchen, help him protect his clothes with a fashionable apron from Hedley and Bennett. He will get great use out of this and won't be afraid to show it off. It's super stylish and is without a doubt the hottest apron we've ever laid eyes on.


(via Hedley & Bennett)


For the Techy

Kew Labs UTS-1 Wireless Charger: $104.99

Since most of us are either working from home or taking virtual classes, chances are our desks are super cluttered. If your boyfriend isn't exactly the most organized person, this wireless charger will be a total game-changer for them. All they have to do is attach it beneath their desk and place their phone on top for an instant charge.


(via Kew Labs Tech)


Blue Mic Yeti Nano Microphone: $99.99

Whether your boyfriend is a gamer, constantly on Zoom calls or a streamer of some sort, they need a good microphone. The Yeti Nano is exactly what they could ever want, as it's high tech and looks good on camera. Featuring super clear sound and an easy to use set-up, this will become their new favorite gadget.


(via Blue Mic)


Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet: $397.57

If your boyfriend is into art, drawing, taking notes or always seems to be on his laptop, he will worship you if you get him this tablet from Wacom. Included with the tablet is a pen that writes so smooth it will feel real. This gift is so versatile that pretty much anyone will like it.


(via Amazon)


For the Gym Buff

BackEmbrace Posture Corrector: $59.99

We all know that one person who has absolutely horrible posture, and if that person for you happens to be your boyfriend, you should definitely get them a BackEmbrace. If they're constantly working out or even working hard at their desk, they might benefit from something like this innovative product.

back embrace

(via BackEmbrace)


Myostorm The Meteor Massage Ball: $149

One of the most important aspects of being a gym buff or athlete is taking care of your body. Pre and post-stretching are vital to maintaining a healthy body, which is where Myostorm comes into play! This massage ball was a favorite on Shark Tank and has proven to get rid of soreness and reduce pain.


(via Myostorm)


For the Lovey-Dovey One

Crown & Paw Custom Pet Poster: From $49.95

If your boyfriend has a dog that you're convinced he loves more than you, he will obsess over a custom gift from Crown & Paw. All you have to do is upload an image of their dog, choose an outfit and the masters at the site will conjure up an image! Hilarity will ensue and your boyfriend will definitely hang it up above his bed.


(via Crown & Paw)


YourCover Love Magazine Cover: From $9.95

Have you ever had a dream of being on the cover of a magazine? YourCover is the answer to all you've ever wished for! They offer all sorts of magazine covers, but we think the Love theme is perfect to gift your boyfriend. All you need to do is choose your favorite photo of the two of you and let the team know some facts about your relationship so they can truly customize the cover.


(via YourCover)


For the Traveler

Enno Vatti Scratch Off World Map: $19.97

Whether your boyfriend goes on trips halfway across the world or stays in North America, this scratch off world map is such a good gift idea. For every country they visit, they can scratch it off. It's such a cool representation and visualization of all their past travels!


(via Amazon)


Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam: $119.95

For the one who lives for road trips, a dash cam will be a total lifesaver! If your boyfriend loves getting out in nature or even likes going off-roading, getting it all on camera will be fun to look back on. This camera from Nexar can film all sorts of things–whether they're on the highway, the backwoods or somewhere else!


(via Get Nexar)


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