What to Get Your Partner for Christmas, Depending on the Length of Your Relationship

We've all heard the phrase "the joy of giving" before at some point, but getting someone a gift can often be a bit more stressful than joyful—especially if that person you're shopping for happens to be the person you're dating.

There can be about a million thoughts running through your head when trying to come up with the perfect gift, from if something is "too much" to if you haven't gotten them enough, how much you should be spending and just about everything in between.

Thankfully, you can set your holiday shopping stress aside for at least a moment, as we're here to help you with your guide to what to get your partner for Christmas, all depending on the length of your relationship.

If You're Still 'Unofficial'

If you've been on a solid number of dates but still don't have a label on things, stay away from getting any kind of gift that would make it seem like you think the two of you are more serious than you actually are. If you get them anything, keep it sweet and simple, like their favorite candy or a notebook you know they need anyway.

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If You've Been Dating Only a Few Months

New relationships can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to gift buying. You don't want to go too big with the gift, but you also don't want to skimp and risk disappointing them. The best way to impress them without going overboard when giving something to a new significant other is to get them an experiential gift, like a cooking class, pottery painting or even tickets to a local theme park. This way, you both get to benefit from the gift and it makes it something that's worthwhile yet doesn't take up any space in their room.

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If You've Dating for About a Year

If things have gotten serious between you and your partner and you crossed that six-month line a while back, gifting can get a little bit grander. That doesn't mean you need to blow your budget getting them something, though. There are a few different ways you can go about your gift for a year-ish-long relationship, as you could get them one bigger thing you know they've definitely been wanting, or you could go more sentimental and get them a combination of smaller things that might not cost you much, but that make a major impact (think a framed photo plus a sentimental card and a nice dinner at their favorite restaurant). Either way, this kind of gift shows that you know what they like and that you put in the effort to get them something you know they'll love.

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If You've Been Dating for Years

If you're that person who's been dating their partner for as long as you can remember, you may have thought you've already given all the great gifts there are to give them already. Think again. If you can afford it, now's the perfect time to gift your partner a special trip. It doesn't need to be anything super fancy (we can't all afford to jet off for a romantic trip to Europe, as nice as that would be), but whatever your budget can handle will do. If a trip isn't in the cards, you might want to save up some money anyway to get them those new sneakers they've been wanting for ages, or even the AirPods they keep talking about wanting. For a relationship you've been in for a long time, you'll know what's worth buying that will really make them the happiest.

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So, no matter how long you've been dating (or "dating" if you're still unofficial) your partner, the perfect gift is out there. No need to break the bank trying to find it, just go with the thing that you know will make them happiest to receive.

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