The Kissing Booth 2 Is Coming—Here's What You Should Remember From the First Movie

The Kissing Booth 2 is officially on its way to our TV screens!

The movie is set to release on Netflix July 24, which is good news for fans who were obsessed with the first film.

But before you watch the sequel, you might want to refresh your memory of the first film. After all, it did come out over two years ago. Keep scrolling for everything you should remember from The Kissing Booth before you watch the second movie.

Noah Leaves For College

In The Kissing Booth, Elle Evans gets herself into some hot water when she starts dating her best friend's brother, Noah. But while Elle and bad boy Noah have their ups and downs, it's clear that they both really care for one another. Unfortunately, the ending of their story in the first film isn't exactly a happily ever after. Life still has to continue, and Noah heads off to college while Elle stays behind to finish high school.

the kissing booth: elle and noah saying goodbye at the airport

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


Elle and Noah's Relationship Status Is Murky

As Noah leaves for college at the end of the first film, his relationship status with Elle isn't exactly clear. Elle drops him off at the airport and is clearly sad to say goodbye. While she fights off tears, Noah assures her that she can come to visit and they'll make things work. It sounds positive, but Elle then rejects his assertions and sort of laughs off his statement, almost as if she knows that's never going to happen. Noah seems committed to their relationship, but Elle seems unsure. Is it possible that Noah's goodbye is the end of their romance?


Noah Is Going to Harvard

By the way, Noah isn't going to just any old college. He's actually going to Harvard University. Despite his bad boy reputation and efforts to act like he doesn't care about anything, Noah is actually quite smart. Harvard is a huge opportunity for him, and both him and Elle know it.

Elle and Noah at the kissing booth

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


Noah Doesn't Look Back

When Elle sends Noah off at the airport, she tells him that she doesn't want him to give the cliché "final wave," as it's too cheesy and romantic. As Noah travels up the escalator, however, it's clear that Elle is actually hoping he'll turn around anyway. Sadly, he doesn't. He looks like he wants to give a final look and goodbye, but he shakes it off and continues to his flight. Elle is visibly disappointed by his choice.


Elle Finds Herself

Despite her uncertain relationship status with Noah, Elle ends the movie with a sense of personal growth and freedom. She hops on Noah's motorcycle and takes off, telling the audience through the narration that she'll be okay even if things don't work out between the two. It certainly sets the stage for a story that's more about Elle, rather than Elle's relationship with Noah, in the second movie. Is it possible that Elle will break things off with her former flame in The Kissing Booth 2? 

Elle smiling at Lee at prom in The Kissing Booth

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


Noah Has Anger Issues

In all the happiness surrounding Noah and Elle's relationship, there's one thing we can't forget—Noah has serious anger issues. In the first film, Elle is constantly pleading with him not to fight people and to exercise some control over his bad temper. When Elle falls and cuts her face, Lee automatically assumes that Noah had something to do with it. It's clear that Noah has some deep-seated problems with violent behavior. We'll just have to wait and see if those issues continue to arise in the second movie.


Lee Gave His Blessing For Elle and Noah's Relationship

The biggest problem in Elle and Noah's relationship was that Elle's best friend and Noah's brother, Lee, did not approve. In fact, Lee and Elle had a list of rules which governed their friendship. One rule stated that Elle wasn't allowed to date Noah. When Lee found out about her betrayal, he was incredibly angry. He basically told Elle that they couldn't be best friends if she was going to date Noah.

Elle originally agreed to that arrangement, but eventually told Lee that he had to accept her relationship with Noah or risk losing her as a friend forever. Lee begrudgingly agreed and gave Elle and Noah his blessing. He even helped Elle track Noah down and orchestrated their reunion. Thankfully, that's one obstacle out of the way for this complicated couple.

The Kissing Booth: Elle and Lee laughing

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


Elle's Relationship With Noah Doesn't Have Everyone's Blessing

Even though Lee accepted Elle's relationship with Noah, he's just one in a long line of people who don't necessarily think Noah is right for Elle. Elle's own father expressed concern about her relationship with Noah, which Elle chose to ignore. Her reaction is definitely typical of first love—she decided that she cares about Noah and that's all that really matters. As she grows older, however, Elle might realize that some of Noah's negative traits aren't that easy to overlook. Some of their problems have been solved, but this couple has many more obstacles to overcome in the future.


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