10 Responses for When Your Crush Texts You 'WYD?'

When you start crushing on someone new, expect a lot of awkward texts and in-person encounters.

It comes with the territory of meeting a new person, but honestly, it's loads of fun—especially when they text you something like "WYD?" short for "What are you doing?" Flirting with and getting to know your crush gives you something to look forward to every day, and hearing the ping of your phone and seeing a text from them is undoubtedly the highlight of your day because they, too, are thinking about you. But what if they start the text convo, and you don'really know where to take the conversation?

Continue below for 10 examples of what to say back when your crush texts you "WYD?"

1. 'About to go work-out! This [insert class] is about to kick my butt.'

If you're an active person or know your crush enjoys someone who takes care of their body, now is the perfect time to let them know you take your health seriously. Whether you're into yoga, pilates, cycling or a good-ole gym session, this can actually open doors to the two of you potentially working out together.


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2. 'Absolutely nothing. I live a very exciting life!'

Sometimes, you've just got to keep it real. No, it's not sexy, but it does show them you're a normal person living a normal life. And if they, too, aren't doing anything, maybe the two of you can cure each other's boredom and hang out.


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3. 'Watching this hilarious YouTube video. You need to see it.'

Nothing makes a friendship or relationship bloom quite like laughter, so if you have a funny video you want them to watch, share it! It's something the two of you can talk about the next time you see each other in person. Plus, this sort of exchange will likely lead to them sending you funny or interesting videos, too.


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4. 'About to go run some errands. Feel like tagging along?'

If you want to spend some one-on-one time with your crush but aren't quite ready for a date, running errands together is just the thing to do. Whether you're picking up dry-cleaning, getting your nails done or running to the farmer's market, this is a fun way to get to know one another.


5. 'I'm actually in the middle of something. I'll call you later :)'

Don't worry, by sending this, they'll be even more intrigued by the mystery that is you! By not being available to them 24/7, you're showing them that you're a hot commodity and don't have time to play games. Trust us when we say they'll be looking forward to your call.


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6. 'Studying for a big test 😡 I can't wait for Friday! What are you up to this weekend?'

If you're studying, doing homework or anything else you deem daunting, this is a great text to send your crush. By mentioning the weekend, it's a great segue to ask them what they're doing. This will hopefully lead to the two of you sharing what your plans are and possibly hanging out.

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7. 'Hanging out with some of my friends. What are you doing?'

By mentioning your group of friends, you're thereby showing your crush that you're a social person. This will then lead them to believe you'd do great in other social situations such as a group hangout sesh or even a one-on-one date. You can even go into more detail as to what you're actually doing to stir up a more meaningful conversation.


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8. 'Playing with my dog – meet [insert name and send a photo].'

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or some other pet, virtually introducing them to your crush is one of the absolute best texts to send. They'll likely mention how cute it is and that they need to meet it some day. You've subtly gotten them to agree to hanging out with them, without even realizing what you've done. Make sure to set an exact day for your date to seal the deal.

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9. 'Watching [insert show]. Have you seen it?'

Let's face it, we're all guilty of binge-watching shows on Netflix. Chances are, your crush does it, too—so by bringing up your latest obsession, you're opening the door to a fun and flirty text exchange. If the two of you share the same interest, it gives you something to bond over, making you feel like you know them even more. Better yet? Tell them you'd love to watch the show with them some time.


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10. 'Wondering when you're gonna ask me out ????'

This text is only for the bold and daring. By blatantly stating your intentions, your crush will know exactly what you want. They'll likely find your courage attractive and will ask you out on the spot. They might even come back and say they were waiting for you to ask. Either way, this reply will likely get you closest to scoring yourself a date.

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