What to Text Your Crush Besides 'Hey'

Summoning the courage to text your crush isn't easy.

But the next step, deciding what to text, is even tougher.

Sure, you can rely on the clichés like "What's up?" or "WYD?"—or worst of all, a simple "Hey"— but those will quickly lead to dead ends.

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If you're looking to actually start a conversation with your crush that will go somewhere, try these ideas instead.

1. Ask them for homework help. Whether you just want them to confirm what the assignment actually is or have them walk you through a problem or two, this is always a good ice breaker. If they're legitimately good at a certain school subject, they'll want to cover their expertise, and they'll see that you noticed their abilities.

2. Be genuinely curious about their interests. If they're a big football fan, ask them to explain something about the sport that you don't really understand. If they're obsessed with a certain movie director, ask about which of their movies you need to see. Basically, give them a chance to talk about themselves.

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3. Bring up something interesting that happened in class. If you're desperate to chat about something incredible that you both witnessed, chances are that they are, too. It's a great opportunity to find out what they thought of the situation, and it'll get the ball rolling toward a more personal conversation.

4. Milk any common interests. If there's a TV show you both love, let them know when you're watching it and find out if they're caught up and what they think of the episode. Let that transform into a spirited debate about what you both think of the characters and your conspiracy theories about what might happen next. You never know where those conversations will lead.

5. Remind them of an inside joke. If the two of you have made some cherished memories together in the past, don't let them be forgotten. Bring up something funny that you'd really only get if you were there to witness it yourself. It'll make them laugh and also remind them that the two of you already have a connection.

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6. Ask them about their day in a perceptive way. "How are you?" doesn't cut it when you saw them that day and already have a sense of how they're feeling. Instead, your questions can be specific. You can ask them how they think they did on a tricky test in their favorite class, or if they were bored with their best friend home sick from school. Don'overdo it and get way into the nitty gritty of their lives, but do show that you pay attention.

7. Be informative. There are few better excuses to text your crush than having a link to the information you know they want. If the trailer just dropped for a movie they can't wait to see, be the one to show it to them first. If they've been obsessed with a video game, share an insightful article about game secrets with them. They'll appreciate the insight, and you'll have an excuse to keep the conversation going.


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