What to Text Your Crush If You Haven't Talked in Months

When lockdown first began, we could have never predicted it would mean going this long without seeing our crushes.

As we've waited for things to go back to normal, literal months have passed right under our noses. The less courageous of us haven't gathered the guts to text our crushes, and without classes to rely on pushing us together on a daily basis, we haven't interacted with them at all.

If you've finally had enough and are desperate for an excuse to reach out to your crush, without seeming weird, you're in good company. Keep reading for a few ideas on what to text your crush if you haven't been in touch for a while.

Mention Something You Saw on Social

Social media is one of the things keeping us all together during this time apart. Chances are you generally know what your crush has been up to if they post regularly on social media. Make sure you're following them on their channel of choice, and the next time they post something interesting, "like" the post and follow up with it a little later via text or DM.

Let them know that their post reminded you that you wanted to get in touch, and use it as an excuse to ask how they've been and what they've been doing. Maybe it's a creative post, leading you to ask them about what they're working on, or a sporty pic that can lead you to ask what teams they root for and players they admire. Let the content lead you, and see if you can turn a single message into an ongoing conversation.

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Invite Them to a Virtual Hangout

If you're already doing regular video chats with groups of friends, work with them to see if you can bring your crush into the picture. The next time something gets scheduled, ask your trusted friends about whether it'd be okay to invite this person next time you all talk. The more the merrier, and the bigger the variety of people there, the less suspicious you'll be.

Reach out to your crush saying you haven't seen them in a while, and it'd be fun if you could hang out in your friend group's next call. Maybe they like you back and will be happy to oblige, or they're a little bored, but it can be the perfect chance to get to know them better. If they decline the invite and don't seem completely disinterested, follow up and ask what they're up to, and if they might be open to something similar at a later date. Just by initiating contact, you never know what might develop next.


Follow a Recommendation

Has your crush ever told you that you really need to check out a certain movie, TV show, book, musician or anything else? Carve aside some time to finally follow through on that recommendation, and once you have, let them know that you've finally checked it out, telling them what you thought.

While you might be inclined to give off the impression you have absolutely everything in common and love all the same things, we think honesty is the best policy, here. If you loved it, tell them so, and if you didn't, respectfully tell them what about it didn't work for you. Believe it or not, a lot of people find it appealing to have your own thoughts and opinions, as long as you're not a jerk about it.

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Bring Up a Favorite Memory

Can't get that special shared moment with your crush out of your mind? Maybe they happen to be thinking about it, too. Don't be afraid to share when you're reminiscing by telling your crush how much fun you had that one time. You might even want to include a cute pic of the event, if you're feeling adventurous. Even if they don't remember it quite as fondly as you do, it can be a great conversation starter, and can give you insights into their own recollection of the experience as well.


Tell Them What Reminded You of Them

You might currently be in a situation where everything reminds you about that special someone, but when something jumps out at you as something they'd love, or that the two of you would both really enjoy and share in common, use that as an excuse to reach out. Maybe it's a new movie trailer by a director they like, or you saw their favorite sports personality in an interview, or stumbled across a meme that references something they'd find hilarious. Not only is it thoughtful to let them know something made you think of them, but it opens things up for more conversation about the things you both appreciate.

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Just Say You've Been Thinking About Them

Maybe all in this time in isolation has made you feel more sure about your feelings, and like you can't hold them back any longer. Perhaps you'd rather know for sure how they feel about you than keep pining away while nothing happens to move things forward. There's no rule that says you can't just tell them they've been on your mind, that you like talking to them and that you'd like to do more if it. That's sure to catch someone's attention, and chances are it'll help you finally understand how they feel about you, and fast.


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