This Is What Your Fave Ice Cream Flavor Reveals About You

There's something glorious about a scoop or bowl of ice cream.

One bite of this creamy desert and your tastebuds are tingling and your heart is happy—no wonder it's so many people's fave treat.

If you happen to feel the same about this dessert, it's likely you have a flavor of choice. But did you know your desired flavor says a lot about who you truly are?

Scroll below to find out what your preferred flavor says about you.

Rocky Road Ice Cream

If your ice cream of choice has always been rocky road, you have an adventurous and curious spirit. You hate when situations get dull, so you're constantly looking for new and creative ways to spice up life. You've always been attracted to this ice cream flavor because it serves up variety—one bite you'll get a taste of chocolate and some salty nuts, the next, you'll get a taste of chocolate and sweet marshmallows. Totally satisfying. ????

Girl holding rocky road ice cream

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Coffee Ice Cream

You are a caffeine-lover. Soda is your jam, and coffee is your lifeline. You're a busy girl and you like to fit as much activity as humanly possible into your daily routine. Your preferred ice cream is obviously coffee because it's the only flavor that can fully fuel you through your day or night.

Coffee ice cream

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Chocolate Ice Cream

Is chocolate your all-time fave flavor? If it is, you're probably a genuine and straight forward individual. You are very practical and like to stick to the things you know you like—and there's nothing wrong with that. Chocolate ice cream satisfies your desire for sweets without totally overwhelming your taste buds, which you can totally appreciate!

Chocolate ice cream

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Vanilla Ice Cream

You like to keep all things in your life simple—your wardrobe, your hairstyle and even your bedroom decorations are uncomplicated! It only makes sense that your ice cream flavor of choice would also be simple. Vanilla ice cream is plain, but delightful, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Vanilla ice cream cone

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Strawberry Ice Cream

You're a happy-go-lucky kind of girl, and you always aim to make others smile. Your vibrant personality draws you to vibrant places, like-minded vibrant people and even vibrant food. You love strawberry ice cream because it's wonderfully colorful, just like you!

Strawberry ice cream

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Does chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream bring you unimaginable joy? If so, it's probably because like this ice cream, you enjoy bringing fun and laughter wherever you go. You're the best kind of friend a girl could ask for, and are always there to comfort and listen to others when they're having a rough day. Perhaps you love this ice cream so much because it's helped you and your friends get through even the toughest of times.

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

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Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

If mint chocolate chip ice cream is your flavor of choice, there's a good chance you're a go-getter. While others get down on themselves when they're having a bad day, you pick yourself right back up and keep on marching. You are a happy and refreshing individual that exudes confidence and potential.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream

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Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

You are a kid at heart, and you probably always will be. You have a goofy sense of humor and you radiate joy 24/7. Your preferred ice cream flavor is probably cookies and cream because it reminds you of your childhood and your love of dunking your fave cookies in milk. Ahh, the memories.

Cookies and cream ice cream

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Neapolitan Ice Cream

If neapolitan ice cream is your flavor of choice, there is one thing for certain about you—you're a giver. You are a selfless individual always giving others the attention and help that they need, and always making sure everyone in your life feels your love. Because you are always giving, there comes a point when you just need to take. When you fill up your ice cream bowl, you fill it up with three rich flavors, not just one! You don't want to give up chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, so you have all three. Nothing wrong with that. ????

Neapolitan ice cream

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Moose Tracks Ice Cream

You are an outdoor adventurer, an explorer and a lover of all things in nature. You love to keep your days and nights as active as possible, and nothing is better to you than coming home to a bowl of moose tracks ice cream. This vanilla ice cream lightly loaded with chocolate, peanut butter cups and fudge is what any adventurous soul like yours dreams of. ????

Moose Tracks Ice Cream

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Butter Pecan Ice Cream

You are quite possibly one of the most sweet and kindhearted individuals and your taste in ice cream reflects that. You love any food that is comforting, candied and delicious, so, of course, you have a soft spot in your heart for butter pecan ice cream. It's decadent, sweet and reminds you of all that is good in this world!

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

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Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream

You are a truly unique individual and you stray as far away from the status quo as you possibly can—an insanely awesome quality. You don't fear what people will think and you are confident in who you are. Because you have so many wonderful qualities and are so accepting of everyone and everything, your preferred flavor is rainbow sherbet. You love that it's bursting will all sorts of flavors. ????

Rainbow sherbet ice cream


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