Everything You Missed at Coachella 2019, According to THESE 6 YouTubers

If scrolling through Instagram last week didn't give you enough Coachella #FOMO already, YouTube vloggers are here to really rub it in with their epic weekend vlogs!

If you're someone who's never been to the festival before, vlogs are a really fun way to see all of the action, including the ups and downs of a long, three-day weekend in the desert.

Below, six of our fave vloggers are sharing what you really missed at Coachella, including the good and the just plain bad. Have a watch!


(via Marla Catherine)

Childish Gambino Was Amazing

Marla Catherine went to her first Coachella this year and did it up oh so right! She stayed in a gorgeous house in the desert, brimming with influencers and vlog cameras, but made sure to make the weekend mostly about the music. She hit up all the major shows, but was most blown away by Childish Gambino—and we agree, the man is mega talented!

You're Bound to See Your Fave YouTubers

Okay, first off, is there anyone funnier then Emma Chamberlain? Her 30-minute Coachella vlog is endearing and oh-so-accurate. Our fave part? When she mentions all the YouTube celebs she spotted and was too nervous to approach! Also, she's making a major case for the festival's $9 iced coffee.

All the Crazy Outfits

Yes, Coachella is about the music, but TBH, fashion is actually just as big. Dressing up in festival attire is one of the many major draws of the event, and one of the buzziest, too. Nikki DeMar gets real about her outfit choices and why she loves festival fashion so much.

The Food at the McDonald's Party

Coachella is poppin' with parties. In fact, some people go just for the parties and skip the actual festival all together. Crazy, we know. Brands throw parties from day to night the entire weekend, and each year, McDonald's gets in on the action. And as you'll see in the footage below, Natalie Barbu had one heck of a time.

Prepare to Wait and Walk a Lot!

Coachella can seem glamorous from the outside, and hypothetically it is. But throw in 100-degree heat, hour long Uber rides and walking miles on dusty roads, and the festival can quickly become more taxing than fun. While the end result is still worth it, Laura Reid keeps it real when it comes to getting in, out and around the festival.

Revolve Festival Really Is That Fun

Ever dreamed what it's like to be a Revolve Girl at #RevolveFestival? Luckily for us, Alex Centomo is giving us a firsthand peek at all the exciting things Revolve plans for their influencer squad in the desert. Between brunches, endless festival outfits and a basically private concert by SZA and Cardi B, this vlog is not to be missed!


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