Here's What You Should NEVER Wear to Prom

Are you ready for the glammest night of high school?

Prom is such an exciting, monumental event that you really will remember forever, so let's have all those lifelong memories be positive, right? Nothing can hinder your prom enjoyment quite like a wardrobe malfunction, so it's crucial you keep it from happening.

From a strap that just won't stay, to a look that's a bit too revealing, there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind when picking out your prom ensemble. Below are a few things you should never wear to prom!

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Something That's Too Long

Even if your dress is just a hair too long, it can turn into a total pain on prom night. For starters, you don't want to trip in front of the whole school, and two, having to be careful the entire night doesn't sound like a ton of fun. Your best bet is to get your dress tailored prior to the big night, and make sure you have the shoes you will be wearing that night with you. Also make sure the dress isn't too long and annoying if you decide to kick off your shoes and dance barefoot.

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Something That Reveals Too Much Cleavage

We know busty girls have a tough time here because even the most unassuming neckline can be a total chest moment for you. That said, when picking out your dress, remember that not only will your parents, date's parents and friends' parents see you prior to the event, your teachers will also be present at the dance. Save yourself the possibility of flashing people by choosing a neckline that allows you to move freely without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. Our advice: Stay away from plunging front necklines, anything that involves fashion tape or a deep keyhole cut out.


Anything With Annoying Straps

Beware of the killer strap! A slippery strap that falls down every five minutes can be a total bust, especially if said strap is responsible for holding up your look. Make sure to wear your outfit for a solid amount of time prior to prom so you can see if you need to get the straps fixed in any way.


Cutouts That Don't Fit Properly

An ill-fitting cutout isn't the worst outfit woe that can affect you on prom night, but it's the one that can haunt you in photographs! If you choose a dress that has cutouts on the side, for example, make sure the dress fits snug, otherwise you'll have photos with gaping cutouts, which can look really strange.


Uncomfortable Shoes

This one is a given, but so many people still choose uncomfortable shoes for prom night! Yes, you'll probably take off any shoes you wear, but remember you still have to take photos and walk into the event wearing them. It's always a good idea to break in new shoes prior to the event by wearing them around your house. And, to be extra careful that you won't be in pain, spray your feet with PreHeels, it's a game changer.

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See-Thru Outfits

Be careful of deceiving material that doesn't look see-thru to the naked eye, but when a flash is involved, your undergarments are on full display! You'll be taking lots of photos throughout the night, so if you're concerned your dress may reveal too much, take trial photos first so you can plan accordingly.


A Crown

Unless you're prom queen, it's best to leave the crown at home. You'll thank us later.

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Dresses That Can Show Sweat Stains

Prom involves a lot of grooving in a packed space, which means you'll probably sweat… unless you're one of those freakishly lucky people that doesn't sweat—and in that case, we're very jealous. Lighter colors like pastels and grays show sweat stains like crazy, as do super thin fabrics like satin and chiffon. If you frequently sweat and you get embarrassed by it, keep this in mind when dress shopping, and opt for darker colors and items that are sleeveless.

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Something That's Too Tight

Nothing sucks the confidence from you like a dress that's just too tight. You don't want to spend your entire prom feeling like you can't breath or your zipper is going to burst.


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