What Your Favorite Coachella Stage Says About You

It's almost our favorite time of the year—Coachella season!

Since COVID-19 has taken the greatest double-weekend events of the past two years away from us, it's finally time to start planning who we'll be watching this year. Which stages will you be spending the most time at?

If you've already made your decision, keep scrolling to find out what your favorite stage at Coachella says about you.

1. Coachella Main Stage

If you are a classic lover of the Coachella Main Stage, you definitely are into mainstream musicians. You love top 40 hits and the tracks that are all over the radio, and have these artists' music on multiple playlists. You love to dance around with friends and soak up that desert sun.

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2. Sahara Tent

If you find yourself mostly at the Sahara Tent, you are a die-hard EDM stan. You love to headbang to the beats and dance in place. You think whoever listens to Illenium isn't a real EDM fan. You are dressed to the nines and can't wait to tell all your friends about the incredible visuals.

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3. Outdoor Stage

If the Outdoor Stage is your favorite, you're probably a natural-born free spirit. You are such a vibe and probably have a unique style all your own. You definitely appreciate the sun's rays and groovy music and even groovier people.


4. Yuma Tent

If you're a Yuma Tent frequenter, you like to avoid the hot sun and need a break for air conditioning. You want a club vibe rather than a rave or vibey outdoor scene. You like to dance when no one's watching.

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5. Mojave Tent

The Mojave Tent is home to indie and rock bands, so it's clear you know exactly what you like to listen to. You appreciate visuals, but they're not everything to you. You know every word to every song and don't care who notices.


6. Do Lab

This glimmering oasis seems to be the most epic electronic party. You come here for the music and the crowd full of unique people. Electronic beats make you want to dance and your friends consider you the party animal of the group. Here you find smaller, up and coming DJs and you like whatever they play whether you know the songs or not.

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7. Gobi Tent

Gobi Tent is for smaller artists and up-and-coming artists that aren't huge—yet. You love discovering artists before they make the big time. You are definitely a music fanatic and spend hours on Spotify making groovy playlists that no one has heard but would absolutely love.


8. Sonora Tent

If you love the Sonora Tent, it's evident that you love either Latin or punk rock music. You like small crowds and tend to march to the beat of your own drum. You can't help but want to salsa all night long.

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