What Your Favorite Euphoria Character Says About You

Since the release of Euphoria Season 1, fans have been obsessing over the characters and their storylines.

As they navigate through high school, each of them face their own realities and struggles in life—and despite each of their unique adversities (and sometimes wild behavior) we can't help but root for each of them in a different way.

So which Euphoria character do you love seeing most on your screen? Keep reading for a list of the best characters, and what your favorite says about you.

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1. Rue

Zendaya has given some of her best performances playing Rue Bennett. We consider her to be the glue holding Euphoria together. She connects the storylines and narrates the show, which gives viewers insight into Rue's choices. Still, she struggles to stay present and grounded. If Rue is your favorite character, you're someone who loves to root for the underdog, and you hope she comes out clean and at peace.

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2. Jules

We see Jules take a turn in Season 2 of Euphoria. Her moral compass is somewhat swayed due to the pressure of being the "good girl" in the group. In Season 1, she is highlighted as somewhat of an angel, saving Rue. However, she has taken a drastic turn. She finds it's not easy to do the right thing all the time, and in fact, Rue comes to see her as a villain. If you resonate with her, you can clearly see past the person Rue is making her out to be and see her for the inspiring person she truly is.

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3. Cassie

If Cassie is your favorite character, you just want her to be happy. You know she means well, and that's why you have her back. Despite her sneaking around, you see her actions as acts of both love and fear. Cassie might resonate with you as you battle to make others and yourself happy at the same time, and are having difficulty finding that balance.


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4. Maddy

Maddy is a bold character in both seasons. If she is your favorite character, you like someone who is real and honest, even if that might mean hurting someone else's feelings. You make decisions based on the truth and may be a little misunderstood. You may think she's the most entertaining character and keeps the storyline afloat. You love her sassy nature and hope to embody that one day.

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5. Lexi

If Lexi is your favorite character, you might relate to her as someone who tries to put her friends first. In Season 2, she appears to be a bit of a wallflower and an outcast, and that may have to do with the fact that she cares deeply and overanalyzes her life too much. She works so hard to make sure everyone else is okay—so much so that it ends up hurting her in the end.  By creating a play for her school, she can share how she perceives her life and the people around her. You've found yourself in the same situation in the past, and see yourself in her.


6. Kat

We can all agree that Kat has had the most character development of all of the cast over the course of the first two seasons. She evolves into a strong woman despite what society says about her body. Her confidence is remarkable and inspiring, and the alter ego she presents online is just one way she presents her confidence. We're rooting for Kat, and if you are too, you can likely see past some questionable choices to see the power she exhibits and forgive her mistakes.

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7. Fezco

If Fezco is your favorite character, you can clearly see his love for his friends, especially Rue. Among other things, he is massively concerned with Rue's well-being. Fezco deals with Rue's issues in addition to dealing with his ill grandmother and Ashtray. He works hard to keep his family on the right path despite all the decisions being made by other characters. If you resonate with Fez, you love his heart and share his concern for the people he loves.

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8. Nate

We all know that Jacob Elordi is all-around an iconic individual, but his character, Nate Jacobs, is clearly the opposite. As we understand how Nate is brought up and the tumultuous relationship with his dad, viewers recognize him as an emotionally torn character. Despite his terrible encounters with most characters in Euphoria, we can't help but root for him character to come out a better person on the other side. If you love Nate, you are captivated by his good attributes, and forgive him time and time again.


9. Elliot

Elliot is portrayed as somewhat of a bad boy. He enters into Rue and Jule's relationship in a not-so-respectful way and leads Rue on a dark path. However, if you are a sucker for Dominic Fike, you can't help but follow Elliot and his journey. So far, he has made one favorable decision in Season 2, but where will that leave him for the rest of the season?

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