Have you ever wondered what your favorite sport says about you?

It doesn’t matter if you play or watch, or whether you’re a patient or fast-paced person. There will still be a sport that aligns with your personality! Just keep scrolling to find out what your favorite sport says about you.


If basketball is your fave sport, you enjoy the fast-paced part of the game. You appreciate the inclusion of all the players and enjoy seeing the score always change. You’re a team player, but you enjoy having the spotlight on you every once in a while. You can’t help but love your beloved team, whether professional or college.

Basketball might be your favorite sport

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Golf is a much more laid-back sport. It takes time, patience and technique. You probably have grown up watching some of the all-star players and have kept up with the recent drama. You definitely have a preferred course you like to play on and have at least one of The Majors Tournaments you never miss.

golf takes patience

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Whether it’s pro, college or your fantasy league, you love football. Keeping up with the players, new picks and constant injuries that take your number one players out are all a part of the ever-changing game. If football is your favorite sport to watch or play, you live for the brotherhood and bonding among teammates just as much as you love to see your team win.

football is great to play and watch

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Soccer is a lot of back and forth, but not so much scoring. You enjoy the activeness of the sport but are more intrigued by the roughness than the points being scored. Of course, you want your cherished team to win, but you love to see a few yellow cards thrown each game.

soccer can be rough

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Tennis is for people who are competitive but want to win by themselves. Tennis players are focused on winning just as much as in any other sport. Or perhaps even more so, because they only have themselves to rely on. Tennis players don’t trust others to help them succeed, so they come off as very independent. They are over the top when they win and are arguably some of the sorest losers.

tennis players are independent and want to win

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Picking up lacrosse isn’t easy. You must have started from a young age unless you picked it up in high school to impress your crush. Either way, you are competitive and don’t care to show off your athleticism, strength and hard work, and let’s not forget about those calf muscles. If lacrosse is your favorite sport, you care a lot about performance and don’t care about how you get the W.

lacrosse are for those who don't mind getting a little beaten up

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Boxing is a powerful sport. It takes a lot of practice, time, strength and skill to become someone with so much respect. If you participate, you are taken seriously and never want to be on the short end of a fight. You constantly have to think about what consequences your actions will have. If you enjoy watching it, you definitely keep up with who’s coming into the ring next.

boxing takes practice and skill

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Baseball is full of fouls, strikes and occasionally a few home runs. You can’t help but enjoy the fast-moving ball from one plate to the next. You have a cherished player, but once they’re traded, they’re left in the dust. You never betray your team and can’t help but rep them on any given day.

baseball is fun to watch and play

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Whether you play hockey or are always watching the sport, physical contact is a beloved part of hockey. The constant roughing around is something you look forward to, and you can’t wait to see some players smack against the glass. You value teamwork, and you probably play sports to get your own anger out. You also can’t wait for the next game.

hockey is a physical sport that you don't want to miss

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If softball is the sport for you, you are fierce, competitive and strong (both physically and mentally). You admire the similarities to baseball and love the game’s energy and the crowd watching. You enjoy predicting plays and the ref’s decisions, but most of all, you want your team to win, just like any sports lover.

softball is for those strong-willed individuals

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Wrestling, like boxing, is all about physical contact. You appreciate the win and expect good results from all your hard work. You’re strong-willed and don’t usually take no for an answer. You’re expected to be the loudest, most robust and angriest of the group, however, you never quite understand why. Yes, your sport requires a lot of strength, but never forget to remind your friends that this doesn’t have to be true outside the sport. You stick up for the people you care about.

wrestlers take their sport very seriously

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