What Your Go-To Brunch Order Says About You

While brunch may technically just be a combination of the words "breakfast" and "lunch," it's a meal worthy of the cultural phenomenon it's become.

The brunch table is one where friends are gathered, gossip is shared and memories are made. Social aspects aside, however, brunch food really is the true star of the show. No matter whether you visit the trendiest spot in town or just your local First Watch, most brunch menus look at least slightly similar, and this means that most of us have learned what items have become our mainstays. But what exactly does your go-to brunch order of choice say about you? Here are some observations:

The Basic Breakfast Spread

If your regular brunch plate tends to feature items such as eggs, sausage and some form of either toast or a pancake, you're someone who loves the classics—or, you're afraid of trying new things and don't like to branch out from the safe options. There's nothing wrong with sticking to the basics, but why not try something a little outside of your usual comfort zone next time? You might be missing out on a whole world of flavor and fun.

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Loaded French Toast

You have a sweet tooth, and you don't care who knows it. We all know that French toast, much like waffles, pancakes and other breakfast and brunch items on the sweeter side of the menu, is basically just dessert that's marketed for a different time of day (but that doesn't make it any less delicious). If French toast is your go-to, you're probably also an Instagram aficionado and the first to snap a pic of your food the moment it hits the table and post it to your story for the world to see—"phone eats first" after all, right?

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Breakfast Tacos or Burrito

You're the "fun" one of the group—the one who adds a little spice to everyone else's life. You don't care if it's closer to breakfast time than it is lunch, you're ready to get the party started and throw on the hot sauce while you're at it. You're the chill one who's always down to hang, whether it's a brunch invite or a movie night at home (just as long as there's food involved, of course).

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Avocado Toast

You're either the trendiest, best-dressed member of your group or you're vegan or vegetarian and short on food options. Avocado toast is a brunch classic that can take many forms and even flavors, but it's also one of the few plant-based friendly items that can be found on most menus with minimal changes required. Could you make it for yourself cheaper at home? For sure. But are you going to miss out on the brunch table discussions to do so? Of course not.

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Acai Bowl

You're the fitness queen—the one who probably woke up early to do yoga before getting dressed for brunch and will suggest that everyone go on a walk with you afterward. You probably posted a drool-worthy pic of your colorful, decked-out bowl to your story, and you definitely don't care that the sugar in that bowl means you might as well be diving into an ice cream sundae. But hey, life's all about balance, and that's something you've mastered pretty well.

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Of course, this list doesn't capture every brunch item or truly define the people who order each oneit's just a bit of food for thought! Whether you're into switching it up every time or sorely stick by your go-to order, though, the beauty of brunch must always be appreciated.

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