How to Know When to End Your On-and-Off Relationship for Good

Anyone who's ever been in an on-again, off-again relationship knows that this rollercoaster is filled with exciting highs and dramatic lows.

We typically engage in these relationships because we love the other person like crazy… the only problem is that they also drive us crazy.

Sometimes all you need is a little break to feel refreshed and better than ever. Although, other times you have to admit you're just too fearful of saying goodbye for good.

If you've been feeling as though your on-and-off relationship has turned too taxing, continue reading for the signs that this breakup should not be followed by a makeup:

You've Exceeded a Two Breakup Quota

Any relationship that undergoes multiple breakups is probably not a match made in heaven to begin with. However, every situation is different, so therefore we understand that a breakup or two might not mean this relationship is doomed. But consider it a major red flag if you and your S.O. are splitting up for a third time. Take a lesson from baseball and consider the three strikes and you're out rule.

Rory and Logan breaking up

(Gilmore Girls via Warner Bros.)


You're Motivated by Loneliness

If the prime reason you're willing to get back together with your ex is that you're feeling lonely and aren't exactly enjoying the single life, this should signal that your S.O. isn't the one for you. Rather than reaching out just because you're lonely, consider working on your friendships and yourself first. You may just find that having more free time on your hands leads to amazing growth.


You Spend More Time in Fights Than in Love

This should go without saying, but sometimes we get so deep into situations that we can't see which way is up anymore. If you spend most of your time fighting with each other, this relationship should end for good. While arguments within relationships are actually really healthy, you don't want them to pop up on a daily, or even weekly, basis.

Blaine and Kurt upset

(Glee via 20th Century Fox)


Another Person Is on Your Mind

There's a difference between loving someone and being in love with them. While you may still care deeply about your longtime on-and-off S.O., it's okay for you to have feelings for someone new. Just because you have history with your ex doesn't mean you need to date each other for the rest of your lives. If a new crush is taking over your thoughts, let your breakup settle and begin a new journey, rather than wearing out the same old path.


You Can't Forgive Their Mistakes

If your ex has hurt you so badly that you can't bring yourself to forgive them for a major hole in your heart, then don't. Forgiveness may be a great way to overcome heartache, but that doesn't mean that you need to be dating the person who hurt you. If you're finding it impossible to move forward, then take this as a message that you need more time to heal and, when you're better, you may just realize you don't need that person in your romantic life anymore.

Bughead at the movies

(Riverdale via the CW)


You Can No Longer Identify What Makes This Person Special

Comfort and familiarity are not synonyms for love. While you may know this person inside and out, that doesn't mean you should be dating if your relationship is rocky. Do you even know what makes this person stand out from a crowd anymore? If the answer is no, then they are no longer that special to you, but rather, comfortable.


You Feel Manipulated

If the other person is known to use things against you, this is someone you should avoid for good. Whether they flaunt another girl in front of your face or they hold your secrets over your head, it's time to back away no matter how attracted to them you are. Some people have an allure that's difficult to ignore, but if at any point you feel as though you're being manipulated into a relationship, you should stay far away.

Mean Girls, Aaron with Cady and Regina

(Mean Girls via Paramount)


You're Just Not Happy

Bottom line, a significant other should make you feel happy. If you don't consider yourself happy when you're together, then you simply shouldn't be together. Yes, even the best relationships are difficult and require tons of work; however, if your main emotions are anger, pain, jealousy, annoyance or even boredom, it's time to break-up for good.


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