Here's Where to Go and What to Wear This Summer

COVID made it hard for us to get out the last couple of summers, so if you're feeling restless and ready to get dressed up for a big adventure, say no more.

We found ourselves frequently  getting all dressed up with nowhere to go, but we're hoping that this summer, we'll finally be able to feel a little bit more "normal." Here are a few stunning places to check out this summer—and what to wear while visiting.

Banksy Exhibit: Washington, D.C. (Open now)

This exciting exhibit opened on April 14 of this year and is a great place to see authentic Banksy street art featuring his iconic stencil style. It's the largest Banksy exhibit to date, featuring more than 100 pieces by this still-anonymous artist. It's a great spot for art lovers, whether you're going alone or with a date.

Wondering what to wear? For this museum exhibit outing, you can dress casually, while keeping the weather in mind. Since it's summertime, we'll assume it'll be a warm one outside. A satin slip dress layered over a baby tee with boots is a summer go-to. We are also obsessing over long denim shorts, sneakers and graphic tees—and make sure you don't forget your favorite shoulder bag, jewelry and a pair of retro sunnies.

Satin Slip for Museum

(via Urban Outfitters)


Moonrise Festival: Baltimore, Maryland (Aug. 6 to 7, 2022)

If you are into EDM music, you've probably heard of the Moonrise Festival happening in August. The two-day festival will feature performers includeing Rezz, Lost Kings, RL Grime, Chris Lake and more. You and your friends will have a blast with the electrifying music and strobe lights. Just get your tickets for the Aug. 6 to 7 before it's too late.

If you already have your tickets, let's talk outfits. Sequins, glitter and shiny fabrics will be your best friends. Don't be afraid of putting all the glitter on your face or in your hair. It's the perfect opportunity to have fun and be silly. And, if sequins aren't your thing, you can opt for a crochet mini dress or co-ord.

crochet dress for festival

(via Free People)


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Set It Off Parrish Art Museum: Watermill, New York (May 22 to July 24, 2022)

This fascinating art collection is curated by Raquel Chevremont and Mickalene Thomas, who are together known as Duex Femmes Noires. The two team up to give greater visibility to artists of color as well as queer artists. The exhibit, Set It Off, combines painting, sculpture, installation, sound and language wrapped into a collection of impactful work.

And since New York is known for its fashion, you'll want to wear something chic, such as a linen two-piece set or light wash jeans and a blouse. You'll look sophisticated enough for your art museum browsing, and adorable enough for any activities that might follow. Why not tie everything together by wearing clothing from POC-owned and/or queer-owned brands?

Blouse for Museum

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Boston Red Sox Game: Boston, Massachusetts

Baseball season is now in full swing, literally. If you are in Boston and aren't sure what you want to do, be sure to head over to Fenway Park. You'll have a great time talking and watching the game, plus munching on the best snacks with friends or family. Baseball hotdogs are the best—but if you're vegetarian, nachos are always a good substitute.

As for what you're going to wear, make sure you know what team you're rooting for because you do not want to show up in the wrong team's colors. A white summery dress with sneakers and a baseball hat is ideal for a sporting event, or you can don light-washed jeans with a white tank top and light jewelry.

white summery dress

(via Boho Mood)


Krause Springs: Spicewood, Texas

For those of you who love to be outside, head to the Hill Country near Austin. Beat the heat and rent a kayak and paddle down the Colorado River, or float in one of the pools before checking out the garden for a whimsical afternoon. It's a beautiful way to spend time with loved ones.

Bring your favorite bathing suit, a pair of shorts and a tee, and you'll be set. Don't forget your summertime sunglasses, a towel and a tote for any loose items like sunscreen.

tote bag for outdoor activities

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The OC Fair: Orange County, California (July 15 to Aug. 14, 2022)

If you're from Orange County, California, you've definitely heard of The OC Fair. It's an annual fair full of fun games, exhilarating rides, laughter and amazingly sweet and salty aromas. They have fun action sporting events, live music, a farm and many other exciting amusements, whether you like shopping for goodies or screaming your heart out on the carnival rides.

The OC Fair is usually pretty warm with all the people and fun happening around, so wear something comfortable and practical for warm weather. If you are planning on going on any rides, consider not wearing a dress, but rather denim shorts and your favorite tank top. Sneakers will never let you down because you'll be doing a lot of walking, and layering will allow you to bundle up when the sun drops and it gets chillier.

graphic tank for OC Fair

(via Pacsun)


Butterfly Wonderland: Scottsdale, Arizona

Butterly Wonderland is America's largest butterfly pavilion, suitable for all ages who are curious about the charming butterfly. There's a conservatory where 3,000 butterflies roam freely, a Tropical Waters of the World exhibit, a reptile exhibit, a stingray and shark pool, plus all kinds of other entertaining things to do.

Don't succumb to the hot weather and wear something breathable. A midi slip skirt and graphic tank or a two-piece floral set will do the trick nicely.

midi slip dress

(via J.Crew)


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