Want to Start Dating? Here Are 8 Places to Meet People

If you want to start dating but aren't quite sure where to meet people, you've come to the right place.

Most people these days turn to dating apps, but if you're too young for that or simply want to meet someone in another way, there are all sorts of places to do that! Continue below to get a look at the eight best places to meet potential new partners.

1. Coffee Shop

A place that pretty much everyone goes to is the coffee shop! Instead of rushing in to grab your coffee, chill in there for a bit with a book and people-watch. And if you happen to see someone you think looks cute or interesting, strike up a conversation with them or hold eye contact and give them a smile.

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2. Gym or Fitness Class

Another place that's great to meet other fellow singles is the gym or some sort of fitness class. And here, consistency is key! If you have a gym crush, chances are, you roughly know their schedule and when they'll be at the gym, so do the same thing and keep a consistent schedule!


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3. Through Mutual Friends

Before dating apps and the internet, a lot of people met their significant others through mutual friends, and it's still a good method today. Ask your friends if they know of any single people they think you'd get along with. And from there, you can reach out to them, set up a group hang out or even go on a blind date.


4. Social Media

Whether you're on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat or some other form of social media, this is another place where you can meet people to date. Of course, you need to be cautious, which is why we suggest only speaking with people you have mutual friends with. Shoot your shot and send them a DM.


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5. Parties

Parties are great not only for socializing but for meeting new people. If you're feeling flirty at the next party you attend and see someone from across the room you'd like to get to know better, go up and say hi! Parties are the one place you don't need to be nervous—almost everyone is in the same boat.


6. Volunteering

If there's something you're passionate about, like animals, veterans, feeding the homeless or something else, go out and volunteer. We don't suggest volunteering with the sole purpose of meeting a potential significant other, but if you happen to meet someone, more power to you.


7. Church

From Sunday service to bible studies, church can be an amazing place to meet new people. If you're religious and want your future partner to share in your beliefs, what better place is there to meet them than at church? Make sure to stay after the service and mingle with the other churchgoers.


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8. Sporting Event

Last up on our list of places to meet people to potentially date is a sporting event. Whether it's a high school basketball match, a college football game or even a community dodgeball game, sporting events are full of fun, outgoing people.


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