Which Holiday Song Are You? Take the Quiz To Find Out!

The holidays are upon us! How do you get in the holiday spirit? Find out which festive track represents you in our "Which Holiday Song Are You?" quiz!which holiday song are you quiz

To find out which holiday track you identify with most closely, simply answer the questions listed below, tally up your A's, B's C's, D's and E's and check out your results at the bottom of the page!

What's the number one thing on your holiday wish list?

A. The top movies of the year

B. Something homemade and crafted with love

C. A shiny new bike

D. Love

E. A holiday getaway

What's your favorite holiday tradition?

A. Opening gifts

B. Dinner with the family

C. Going to church

D. Snuggling by the fireplace with hot chocolate

E. Playing in the snow

What's the most likely reason you'd be on the naughty list?

A. Forgetting Santa's milk and cookies

B. Giving people the silent treatment

C. Talking back

D. Jealousy

E. Making too much noise

What are you looking for in a holiday track?

A. Something fresh

B. Something mellow

C. Something spirited

D. Something with a beat

E. Something classic

It's the big day! What do you wear?

A. Something super cute, with a splash of red and green thrown in for festivity

B. An "ugly sweater"

C. Reindeer horns

D. A Santa hat

E. Something warm!

Your favorite decoration is…

A. A framed photo ornament

B. A nativity scene

C. Tinsel

D. The tree

E. Jingling ornaments

What's your favorite holiday treat?

A. Gingerbread men

B. Candied yams

C. Candy canes

D. Chocolate fudge

E. Egg nog

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So which holiday song are you? Make sure to share your result with your friends and have them share their results with you! Also let us know what you got in the comments below and let us know the name of your favorite holiday song in our community at Sweety High!