Here's How to Win Your Next White Elephant Gift Exchange

You can't throw a holiday party without playing a game of White Elephant.

And while it is one of the best holiday games around, it's never fun to be on the losing end of the gift exchange.

But if you follow the five tips below, you'll have a fair chance at walking away with a major victory.

Girls exchanging holiday gifts

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1. Bring a Good Gift

If you want to win, you've got to play fair. By that we mean don't bring some lame gift that nobody will want, especially if you're trying to get the prize of a lifetime. It's important that you bring a gift worth giving if you want to walk away victorious. Plus, it'll just make you feel better knowing that while you got an awesome gift, so did your bestie—and it was all thanks to you!


2. Wrap Your Present

We know this is just something you do, but the key here is to not be so obvious in how you wrap your gift. If you have a simple necklace, throw people off by wrapping it in a huge box. Everyone always goes for the big gifts, trust us.

Girl wrapping a present

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3. Work With a Team

Forming an alliance will get you far in any game you play, and White Elephant is no exception. Work with your teammates to take home the best gifts by using a strategy that works best for all of you. And if you or one of your teammates walks home with the ultimate prize, share it with each other. After all, sharing is caring!


4. Don't Be Afraid to Steal

Stealing is a part of White Elephant. Don't feel bad if you steal someone's gift from them. That's the whole point! But you also want to use your steals wisely. And don't forget to keep track of how many times something has already been stolen. Remember, things can be stolen up to two times.

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5. Negotiate

When all is said and done, and you somehow didn't ended up with the gift you desire most—negotiate! Use your powers of persuasion to trade your gift with someone else. The game doesn't end until you get the present you want.


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