White House Film Festival Inspires Students!

Have you ever wished you could present your own film to the President Of the United States? The first-ever White House Film Festival is your chance!White House Film Festival

This student film festival, for students in kindergarten through the 12th grade, gives young people the chance to have their video screened at the White House for a presidential screening!

"If you think that you can make a cool video about how you learn science technology engineering and math using the technology that's at your fingertips, then the President, the President of the United States wants to hear from you," explains Bill Nye the Science Guy in a video about the new White House Film Festival.

To enter, students must create a video about how they learn by utilizing technology at school, and what role they think technology will play in the future!

Finalists can win a chance to attend the film festival at the White House, and their films will be shared on the White House website, YouTube channel and social pages!

For more information, check out the official site here!

Videos must be under 3 minutes in length. Submissions are due on January 29, 2014, so get filming, and be sure to join us at Sweety High if you love to make movies!