Ah, the classic case of a great guy chatting you up on the reg—only to discover he, in fact, has a girlfriend.

Are you currently dealing with a dude who fits this description? Well, quit scratching your head and scroll below for reasons why a guy is talking to you, even if he’s in a relationship.

He Thinks You’re Funny

A guy may be talking to you because he genuinely gets a kick out of you and enjoys being around you. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything to it. Your humor could be a nice reprieve from the stresses of his actual relationship, or a fun step outside of his normal social circle. If it’s been established that you’re in the friendzone, then he obviously feels more relaxed and comfortable around you from the get-go.

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You Have Something in Common

Maybe you guys share a common interest that he can’t connect with his girlfriend about, in the same way. You could both be very outdoorsy, but his girlfriend may never agree to go camping. You could both love Drake, while his girlfriend is a diehard Twenty One Pilots fan. Any shared interests are a great starting point for a friendship.


He Wants Advice on His Relationship

While you may get the wrong idea about a guy who’s talking to you nonstop, he may actually be looking for an excuse to talk about his girlfriend, or get advice from a fellow female (who isn’t directly connected to his S.O.). Don’t get us wrong, he obviously values your opinion in particular, but there’s more he may be getting out of you than just playful banter. Should this scenario ring true, be sure to use him to your advantage as well, and get all the scoop you need about the opposite sex!

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He Isn’t Loyal

Straight-up, this guy could be shady. If you feel like he’s super flirty with you and acts totally different when his girlfriend isn’t around, this could be a major red flag. If you guys are truly friends, he’d be honest with his girlfriend and wouldn’t act any differently when she’s around. Don’t get swept up in the flirting and attention with a guy who is committed to someone else, because at the end of the day it will leave you disappointed.

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He Likes You, But Is Scared

Despite everything we just said, there’s a chance that he may really like you, even if he’s with someone else.  She could be a really nice girl and he doesn’t want to hurt her to take a chance on the unknown. People break up all the time. You should stay friends with him as long as it doesn’t cross the line or make you uncomfortable that he has a girlfriend. Feel free to live your life and talk to him about other guys, but you never know what may work out in the end.  If you really like him (and you actually think you two could have a future), tell him—even if it means you have to put some distance between you while he’s in a relationship.


He Might Just Be a Naturally Friendly Guy

There’s always that one—the one coined as the “communal boyfriend.” He may be in a serious relationship, but he’s the guy everyone goes to for dating advice; the one who walks all the girls to their car if it’s dark; the one who offers the biggest hugs. He could very well be in a relationship, but his friendliness towards other girls isn’t any sort of indication he’s unfaithful. He’s just that guy. Don’t read into his behavior, and simply embrace knowing you’ve got a guy who unconditionally has your back.


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