Why Complimenting People Is The Easiest Way to Make Friends

Who doesn't love a compliment, especially when it comes from someone you just met?

Not only do compliments just make people feel good about themselves (something we could all use a little extra of sometimes), but they're also a fantastic way to connect with others. Making friends isn't always easy, especially if you're in a new setting like a new school or group project, but here are a few reasons why offering a compliment every now and then may just be the easiest way to break the ice.

1. It's Easy

When you think about it, you're probably already going around admiring things about people anyway, so why not just give a voice to those positive notes you were already thinking in your head? It can be as small as saying you love someone's nail polish, hair or outfit—truly whatever comes to mind.

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2. It Opens Up Conversation

While a compliment doesn'have to lead to a full conversation, it can open up the way to one with someone you may have had a hard time starting a conversation with otherwise. For example, complimenting someone's top can lead to them explaining where they got it, which can lead to a whole ton of other story details from there.


3. It Builds Other People Up

Have you ever heard the saying that it takes 10 nice things said to someone to make up for one mean thing? Unfortunately, this is kind of true. Psychologically, we tend to take criticism so harshly that it becomes difficult to heal whatever wounds were opened by someone else's words. One way to help with that is by spreading positive things about someone, and there's no easier way to do that then with a bright little compliment.

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4. You Might Get a Compliment Right Back

On a slightly more selfish note, giving someone else a compliment makes them more likely to notice good things about you and compliment you in return. Just remember that no one likes when someone is clearly fishing for compliments, so avoid giving any that may come off as backhanded or self-deprecating (for example: "That dress looks amazing on you, I could never pull it off with my height but you totally rock it!") for best results.


5. It Makes You More Positive Overall

When you go out of your way to spread positivity, an unexpected side effect is that you simply start noticing more positive things. While it's just a small action, this can begin to change your overall outlook on life for the better the more you practice it. It's far too easy to judge others for things we see as negative, so why not look at the good stuff instead?


6. It Makes People Want to Be Around You

If you give someone a compliment pretty much every time you see them—a genuine compliment, that is—they're going to be far more likely to remember you in a positive light. It means that when they look back on interactions with you, they'll remember the good way you made them feel and that will make them want to have you around more often. This isn't just great for making new friends, but can also help in making a good impression on your partner's family or even any potential coworkers.

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All in all, being nice and dropping a compliment every now and then doesn't cost you anything, so why not give it a try? Before you get going though, click HERE to check out some compliments you should actually avoid giving in the real world.