A Definitive Ranking of Every Song on Why Don't We's Debut Album 8 Letters

Three words, eight letters.

We think you know exactly which ones were talking when it comes to our absolute faves Why Don't We????

Ranking every song on their debut album 8 Letters was incredibly difficult, but we took on the challenge in a big way. Scroll through for our top (and bottom) picks on this crazy good selection of songs.

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8. 'Talk'

Being on the same page at all times in a relationship is tough and WDW understands that. Although super relatable and upbeat, this one just didn't quite land with us as much as the other songs, TBH.


7. 'Choose'

The R&B and hip-hop elements did add a cool twist to this song, but it still didn't turn out to be one of our favorites on the album. We just didn't connect with the lyrics like we did some of the others.


6. 'In Too Deep'

The guitar riffs are poppin' on this tune and it's a great showcase of every guy's vocal ability. They're all sweet, soulful and totally not making us fall in love with them, right? It only earns a lower spot because all the others are that good.


5. 'Falling'

We'll rank 'Falling' slightly higher than 'In Too Deep' for the melody, but we won't lie, we feel like they're essentially the same song. We would have liked for this one to have a few more stand-out lyrics or harmonies to make it more unique.


4. 'Hooked'

A classic Why Don't We anthem, 'Hooked' earns a spot in the middle of the pack. We've honestly heard it a million times already, that's really the only reason.


3. 'Hard'

Dare we say it? This little number gives us major One Direction vibes. It's emotional (yes, we mean the song and remembering One Direction) but still makes us want to get up dance. 


2. 'Friends'

Definitely the most unique track on the record, we could drive with the windows down blasting this all day. It's both a party song and a lounging-at-the-beach song. We'll take more of this, please.


1. '8 Letters'

This slow, heartfelt ballad really hit home with us. Heartbreak, pain and loss are all something we experience at some point in our lives, but this track is an ode to healing. Although it's scary to fall in love all over again after being hurt, the boys capture every emotion that comes with it so purely, it earns the top spot.


Ranking the tracks on this album was beyond rough. It was almost as hard as ranking every song on the Kissing Booth soundtrack like we did HERE.