Why Don't We Lyrics That Make Great Instagram Captions

When it comes to boy band Why Don't We, this group is chock-full of romantic inspiration.

Whether they're singing about a love that could have been or a breakup for the ages, these boys truly know how to express their emotions loud and proud.

Because of their totally relatable love lyrics, we've decided to round up the best of the best to add to your Instagram posts.

Wear your heart on your sleeve (and in your caption) with these perfectly timed lyrics from Why Don't We below:

For the classic road trip shot of you standing next to a state sign:

"I've been all through the country, from LA to Kentucky. "

-"These Girls"


For a sweet snap of you and your honey holding hands:

"We fall in love about a hundred times a day like it's not enough."

"Something Different"


For a boomerang (directed to a certain ex) of you blowing a kiss to the camera:

"I let you go, I set you free, like boomerang you come back to me."



For an artistic aerial shot of your #WIP painting:

"We could paint the perfect picture about us."

"Something Different"


For a boomerang of you leaping straight into the air at the top of a hike:

"Roll down the windows, we can fly, I can see the stars, baby, in your eyes."


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For a super cute selfie of you smiling ear-to-ear:

"I swear I'd walk, I'd run, I'd even learn to fly just to see you smile."

"Just to See You Smile"


For the classic airplane shot of the wing through your window:

"I should take you to the moon, that's a long flight."

"Nobody Gotta Know"


For a gorgeous photo of the colorful sunset:

"The sky's so clear when you're the view."

"Taking You"


For a boomerang of you spinning around in the arms of your love:

"This could be your last dance, so you better leave it on the floor."

"On My Way"


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