These Why Don't We Lyrics Work as Instagram Captions for Every Kind of Photo

Why Don't We's songs are typically about relationships and longing, but that doesn't mean the lyrics don't make sense in a bunch of other situations, too.

If you adore the band and are in need of a meaningful caption for your next Instagram post, why don'you try one of these?

For the shot of you dreamily thinking about your crush:

"If all it is is eight letters, why is it so hard to say?"

-"8 Letters"


For the snap of you and the bestie you could never live without:

"I need you in my life like limelight."

-"Taking You"


For the lovey-doviest pic of your and your adorable S.O.:

"We fall in love about a hundred times a day."

-"Something Different"


For the glamorous image of you out strutting your stuff:

"Hollywood girl, tryna be like Rihanna."

-"These Girls"


For the repost of your Why Don't We crush's latest pic:

"The sky's so clear when you're the view."

-"Taking You" 

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For your pic with the friend you were super mad at, but everything's cool now:

"Why don't we forget about all of the drama?"

-"Why Don't We Just"


For the photo of you gazing longingly at a slice of pizza:

"I would walk a million miles to find my way to you."

-"Nobody Gotta Know"


For the selfie in the car with the windows down and your hair blowing in the wind:

"Roll down the windows, we can fly."



For the pic of you being unique and unapologetically you:

"I don't care about nobody's point of view."

-"Just to See You Smile"


For the cutest snapshot of you with your awesome parents:

"There is no me without you."

-"Words I Didn't Say"


For the photo of you announcing that you're actually putting your phone away for the weekend:

"It's going up on the notifications, DM gotta go on vacation."

-"Turn It Off"

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For the pic of the quiet night in with your one true love:

"I've been saving this time especially for you."



For the pic of you and your squad arriving at the party:

"We've arrived here and we're shining like gold."

-"Air of the Night"


For the sneaky shot you took of your sleeping S.O.:

"When you dream, I hope that you will dream of me."

-"I Depend on You"


For when you're being really real:

"No playing, no faking, no games, no hesitation."

-"All My Love"


For your pic with the people who stood by your side through thick and thin:

"You were there when I was low, you held me high."



For when you're feeling sentimental about a breakup:

"Though my heart breaks slow, that's what it's made for."

-"Made For"


For the pic of you and your besties dancing the night away:

"All we wanna do is party all night 'cause every song playing is ours."

-"We the Party"

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For that 2 a.m. selfie when you just can't get to sleep:

"Tired of running from tomorrow, I lie awake on sleepless nights."

-"Never Know"


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