Why It's Important That Your Family Likes Your S.O.

For most people, family comes first.

After all, your fam is usually the one place you can find unconditional love and support—it only makes sense that you would stand by them over anyone else.

However, when it comes to romantic relationships, family can get… complicated, to say the least. Your dating life affects them more than anyone else, so they often have many opinions about your significant others.

But just how important is it that your family likes your S.O.? In our opinion, very important. Keep scrolling to see why.

1. It Avoids Tension in Your Relationship

It doesn't matter if you and your S.O. get along perfectly, if your family isn't a fan of the person you're dating, there'bound to be tension. Not only does it make you second-guess your S.O.'s qualities, it also means that they're constantly going to feel like they need to justify themselves, both to you and to your family members. Instead of enjoying your time together, you're both automatically going to be in a defensive frame of mind whenever your family comes up. If your family likes your S.O., however, you avoid this unnecessary addition of tension. Relationships are hard enough as it is—it's better to be with someone who your family likes, and avoid at least one topic of constant disagreement.

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2. It Avoids Tension Among Your Family

Your family disliking your S.O. doesn't only lead to general tension in your relationship—it will also almost definitely lead to stress among your family. Chances are, your family isn't going to keep quiet about their dislike for your S.O. But are they going to open up about all their problems to your partner? Of course not! They're going to lecture you incessantly about all the reasons why this person is wrong for you. If you refuse to listen to their concerns and continue to see the person they disapprove of, it's likely going to lead to many arguments down the line. Not to mention, they're always going to be annoyed when you bring your S.O. around. Now, you and your S.O. are fighting about your family and you and your family are fighting about your S.O. Wouldn't it be much better if you simply chose someone your family likes and avoided all that mess?


3.  It Will Make You Happier Overall

We've already covered how your family disliking your S.O. will lead to tension, both in your relationship and among your family members. It follows then, that you'll probably be a much more cheerful person if you date someone your family approves of. You won't be stuck in the middle of a whole mess of people you care about, constantly arguing about why they should all get along. Your family liking your S.O. will make you a happier person—it's simple as that.


4. It's a Better Indication That Your Relationship Has a Future

Think about this logically—could you really be with someone for the rest of your life if your family didn't approve of them? That would mean years and years of arguments, tension and general stress that you'll never be able to fully escape from. More than that, it would create a huge divide between two major factions of your life that would probably never become cohesive. It's just not logical to consider a serious future with someone your family doesn't like.

On the flip side, if your family does like your S.O., it's a great indication that your relationship might be going somewhere. It might not lead to a happily ever after, but that possibility is available, whereas dating someone who your family blatantly disapproves of will probably never lead to a future—at least not a very happy one.

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(Riverdale via The CW)


5. Dislike Usually Comes From a Valid Place of Worry

If your family dislikes your S.O., it's generally not out of a blatant desire to cause you unhappiness. In fact, it's probably quite the opposite. Your family looks out for you more than anyone else, so their dislike of your S.O. is often based on the fact that they see some negative traits you might be overlooking. Their concern usually stems from a valid place of worry that has your best interests in mind, meaning this might just be the wrong relationship for you. That's the most important reason why your family should like your S.O.—because it shows that the people who care for you most see your partner as someone who can be a positive force in your life, rather than someone who will cause you pain and stress down the line.


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