Your High School Relationship Likely Won't Last Forever—Here's Why That's a Good Thing

There's no relationship quite like your first high school one.

It's an easy kind of love that doesn't happen for everyone, but makes you feel incredibly special. It's breezy and light, yet means more than you'll ever know.

Not to burst your romance bubble, but to burst it, it also won't last forever. The odds of your high school relationship going on past college, let alone high school, are slim to none. Yeah, the movies lied to you.

Contrary to what you may think, that's actually an amazing thing. Keep reading to discover why your high school relationship coming to an end is actually a good thing for you!

You'll Know That Love Exists

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a high school relationship. There are plenty of people who stay single during their four years there, desperately hoping they'll know what love is one day. Lucky for you, you know what that feels like. Even more intense than having a crush, you experienced what it was like to care deeply about someone. Those butterflies in your stomach turned into a fire that grew as your relationship progressed. It kept you safe and warm when you weren't with your S.O., and it reminded you that a silly little fight didn't need to be the end of it all. Not everyone will know that feeling in their lifetime, and rarely anyone experiences it during high school. So consider yourself incredibly fortunate to have known what love is. And because you're more than aware it's real, you'll know you can find it elsewhere once you grow out of your high school relationship.

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You'll Learn How to Deal With Heartbreak

And once your relationship is no longer, that's when the heartbreak sets in. That fire will slowly start to burn out and it's going to suck. A breakup is never easy to deal with, especially your first one. It's so new and something you've never experienced before, so you'll feel as though you won't move on. But you will. And you'll quickly learn what does and doesn't help you deal with the heartbreak. So when it happens again (because it very well might), you'll at least be somewhat prepared.

Many don't know what heartbreak is until later on down the road, which makes it all the more difficult to deal with. Because you experienced it earlier than most, you'll have a leg up. Plus, you'll be better suited to help your besties through their breakups when they go through it, too.


It'll Make You Stronger

Going off the above point, you'll become a stronger person in so many ways after dealing with this type of heartbreak. No one ever forgets their first breakup. Like we'd said, it's horrible and awful and something we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy, but because you've dealt with it, you'll be stronger because of it. Those who've never gone through a breakup are that much more afraid to put themselves out there, because they don't know what heartbreak is like. They'd rather risk never experiencing it (and because of that, not really knowing what love is), than have to go through such a painful situation. You, on the other hand, were able to move past it and know that you'll make it out alive. You may be a little bruised, but you'll understand that you can survive it all.

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You'll Meet New People

When you're in a relationship, you become comfortable. You stick to your routine and don't really go out of your way to meet anyone else, not even in a non-romantic way. You likely even spend less time with your friends and family in favor of hanging out with your S.O. as often as you possibly can. While we're not saying you shouldn't do this, it can be fun to spend some time away from them and meet other interesting humans. And when your relationship ends, you'll feel more inspired to do just that. Because of this, you'll obviously figure out your type and what you really want from a relationship, because very rarely is your first love the one for you. Not just that, you'll make new friends or even strengthen your relationships with your current besties. As we all know, friends come before any S.O. you might bring through the door.


You'll Venture Out of Your Comfort Zone

Once you're in a relationship, you don't want to imagine ever having to start dating again, because it's hard. Putting yourself out there knowing very well you might face rejection once again isn't easy, but you've dealt with it before and we all know you're ready to love again. That said, sometimes people stay in relationships out of comfort. They might not necessarily need their S.O., but they don't want to end up alone. So they stick to the same old routine and never venture outside of their comfort zone. We hate to use a cliché, but life begins where your comfort zone ends. You'll not only grow as an individual, but you'll experience so many amazing things you never would've if you decided to stay in your security bubble. Being forced out of your routine will do this, which will make the years after high school all the more exciting. Who knew ending a relationship could be so thrilling?

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