We all know the feeling of heartbreak, even when it isn’t our own relationship that’s ended.

Celebrities are at the center of our culture in many ways, so it’s only natural that we become a bit attached to them and care about what goes on in their lives. After all, we talk about our celebrity crushes all the time, so isn’t it only natural that we care about our favorite celebrity couples as well?

But when those celebrity couples break up, it’s easy to feel a certain sense of loss despite having most likely never even met these people in real life. Here’s the thing: it’s completely okay to feel that way!

Why Do We Even Care?

Usually, our attraction to specific celebs is linked to our admiration for certain characteristics. For example, you might love Harry Styles because he stands up for his fans and owns his unique (and amazing) style. Similarly, when we admire a certain celebrity couple, it’s likely because they convey aspects we’d like to mirror in our relationships. Maybe it’s a couple that loves to joke around like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher or a couple that’s successful on- and off-screen like Emily Blunt and John Krasinski—no matter what version it may be, we associate these partners with things we’d like to see in our own relationships.

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How to Move Forward

Because we see ourselves reflected in these celebrity relationships in a way, it’s no surprise that we can feel the ending of them pretty harshly. The good news is that that’s nothing to feel ashamed of!

Just keep a few things in mind: 1. Couples breaking up is normal and usually for the better of both people; 2. Hollywood is not “real life” and these couples have a lot of unique strains on their relationship that the rest of us don’t; and 3. It doesn’t affect any of your own romantic relationships.

The best thing that can come from a celeb breakup, no matter how painful it may feel, is personal growth. Take note of why you were so attached to that couple, then think about how you can bring those positive aspects into your own life and relationships. If you loved how they laughed together, look for a partner who makes you laugh effortlessly. Or if you appreciated the way one partner always made the other one the star of the show, then someone who’s extremely supportive would be a good fit for you.

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So, what’s the best thing we can learn about our favorite couple calling it quits? That life goes on! Things always get better, babe, and your thoughts and emotions are always valid. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about mourning your favorite celebrity couple breaking up. Just carry on and remember that these are real people with real feelings—and we don’t always know all the details. Humans are complicated creatures with complicated emotions, and that’s nothing to ever feel bad about. (And of course, fingers crossed our favorite couples stick together).


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