Why the U.K. Love Island Will Always Be the Best One

If the words "this is Love Island," only come to your mind in a heavy Scottish accent, you're likely already a fan of the beautiful disaster that is Love Island.

The reality television show premiered back in 2015, and since then has quickly caught on to wannabe Islanders around the world. Of course, the popularity of the original British-produced version (aired on ITV) naturally led to other countries creating their own versions—villas, bikinis and plastic drink cups included.

While there's certainly room for the American and Australian versions that have since graced our TV screens, nothing will ever top the original UK version. Whether you agree or not, here's our list of reasons why the U.K. Love Island will always be the best one:

1. The Accents

This one is an obvious given. From the Scouse accents that deserve their own subtitles to comprehend to the lilting Irish accents, posh Londoners and everything in between, we just can't get enough of listening to these twenty-something Islanders talk about just about anything.


2. The Banter

Speaking of listening to the Islanders talk, it can't go without mentioning that the English simply have a way with words that others simply don't. Described as "banter," the back-and-forth wit and chat of our U.K. Islanders could never be beat by the contestants we've seen on other versions created elsewhere.


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3. The One-Liners

If you find yourself quoting terms like "my type on paper" far too often, you've got this very show to thank. A few of our personal favorites throughout the seasons include:

  • "My type on paper"
  • "Putting all my eggs in one basket"
  • "It is what it is"
  • "Mugged off"
  • "Pied off"
  • "Melt"
  • "I've got the ick"

4. The Voice Over

Iain Stirling is practically a national treasure for Scotland and the U.K. in general, and his work narrating Love Island is direct evidence of why. It keeps the whole thing just funny enough that you don't feel like the vapid nature of the reality TV show is ever too much, plus knowing that he's in an IRL relationship with host Laura Whitmore adds an extra element of adorableness to it all.


5. The Soundtrack

Any film or television production would be little without the songs that make our favorite scenes and moments feel so much more intense. It adds a sense of fun or emotionality whenever it's needed most, and for Love Island it really just seems to be the soundtrack of every summer.


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Anybody else ready for the new season yet? While we'll have to wait a few more months until our screens are filled with cringey yet wonderful (and perhaps even "ick"-worthy) moments, we all know that one thing rings true: The UK Love Island will always reign supreme.

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