Why Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara Are Serious Couple Goals

Once in high school, I sang Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" in front of a whole audience of people, and to this day, I pray that footage doesn't exist.

I digress, because although I unquestionably embarrassed myself on stage that day, I am proud to have had the courage to stand up there and honor Meghan with her iconic hit single. I've been a fan of Trainor since the beginning. Her songs are centered around body positivity, and her unfiltered, hilarious personality make her the ultimate pop star. To add to the mix, she married my ultimate childhood crush, Daryl Sabara—and the two are serious couple goals.


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Meghan and Daryl's Meet Cute

The couple met in 2014, when Meghan fangirled over the Spy Kids alum at a party he happened to be crashing (granted, I would do the exact same thing). Two years later, the now-married couple reconnected through a double date with mutual friend Chloë Grace Moretz. It seems we can add "successful matchmaker" to Chloë's slew of credits, because the couple has been joined at the hip ever since.


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Meghan the Mom

In an interview with NPR, Meghan spoke about her journey as a new mom and redefining self-love. She's also publishing a book coming out this April called Dear Future Mama, inspired by the loneliness she felt when she was the only one of her friends pregnant during the beginning of the pandemic. The hope is to provide a guide for pregnant women who may be experiencing similar feelings while offering a space for humor and recounting first-hand advice—with the occasional TMI stories. This book is coming at the perfect time, as the couple just announced they will be adding another spy baby to the family!


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One Happy Marriage

It's clear that Daryl and Meghan have been super supportive of each other since the beginning. I can't get enough of their hilarious and relatable TikToks that are always going viral. They even built side-by-side toilets, so they can do their business together—and yes, they have the pics to prove it. If anyone is "couple goals," it's these two. I love you, mom and dad! Keep killing it.

@darylsabara I TRIED TO DO THE DANCE WELL BUT @meghantrainor MADE ME LOOK 🔥 stream #takinitback NOW 😤 #madeyoulook #spykids DC: @brookieandjessie ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor


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