Why Being More Mindful Should Be at the Top of Your 2022 Resolutions

Whether your 2021 seems to have been gone in a flash or feels like it's been dragging on for ages, we're wishing the year goodbye and welcoming in a new one tomorrow.

That means more talk about resolutions—and, of course, actually having some resolutions. Don't pressure yourself to nail any down, but having at least a couple of goals in mind for 2022 can help you to set yourself up for success. One resolution you might not commonly think of, but that should actually be at the top of your list? Being more mindful. So, let's dive into why that is.

First, What Exactly Is 'Mindfulness?'

In order to "be more mindful" in 2022, you'll need to first understand what that even means. Essentially, mindfulness can be broken down into feeling totally "present" in whatever it is that you're doing, whether that be cooking, eating or even just spending time with family. We live in such a hectic, go, go, go all the time style of world that it can actually become difficult to slow down and take stock of your present life without thinking of past moments or things you have going on in the future. It's not the same as meditation, as it's much simpler and can be done at pretty much any time, but it does help you enjoy life and relax in similar ways.

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Okay, So How Is It Done?

There's no one specific way to be more mindful. It's an art that can be easily practiced, though, and the best way to start is simply by slowing down. For example, stop rushing through your meal so fast and start thinking about the symphony of flavors and textures that makes you enjoy it so much—no matter if it's a burger from McDonald's or a four-course meal from a Michelin-starred restaurant. Outside of mindful eating, you can try to take stock of your present life when doing just about anything. Try going for a walk in your neighborhood and taking the time to notice lovely little details you might normally pass right by without a thought, like how beautiful your neighbor's flowers are or the sweetly singing bird that seems to be following you down the street. Anything that makes you stop and smile when you actually notice it can help you become more mindful, whether you recognize it right away or not.

When in doubt, an easy practice when it comes to mindfulness is simply thinking of things you're grateful for. Break that down into the most basic of things, such as the roof over your head or the family and friends you have in your life. Taking the time to be genuinely thankful for the things that feel normal actually helps you appreciate them—and that is the key to being more mindful.

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Why Does It Matter?

The reasons to be more mindful are practically endless, and the benefits are even rooted in science. For example, mindful eating means eating slower and noticing when you're actually full rather than just finishing your food for the sake of it, making it a very healthy practice overall. For other methods of mindfulness, you can actually learn to become more optimistic and happier overall by including this in your life.

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