Why Staying in on New Year's Isn't Always a Bad Thing

Is it just us, or does December seem to be happening at a fast-forward style pace?

We're still working through all our leftover clearance Halloween candy, and now all of a sudden there are Christmas carols to be heard and sparkly New Year's dresses to be seen just about everywhere you look. We're quickly approaching that between-holiday zone where Christmas and New Year's blend together, and that can feel a little stressful if you don't have all your plans figured out yet, and more specifically, New Year's Eve plans.

Actually, we're here to talk about not having New Year's Eve plans. If you're constantly being bombarded with images of people partying with their loved ones (or strangers) when the clock strikes midnight or listening to your classmates discuss their big plans for how they're going to celebrate while all your friends are going to be out of town or plans just don't seem to be coming together, you might be feeling a little down about the "holiday." However, we're here to tell you that staying in on NYE isn't all that bad—in fact, it can actually be great. No matter your reason for staying in this year, here's why you might actually be the one winning the night after all.

1. You Can Wear Whatever You Want

Sure, dressing up can be fun… but so can staying in wearing your comfiest pajamas and cozying up on the couch with a bowl full of snacks. The beauty of staying in on New Year's is that you get the power to set your own dress code (or lack thereof). So, dress up in your glitziest gown just for the fun of it or keep rocking those Christmas jammies that seem to be the only things keeping you warm these days.


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2. You Don't Have to Leave Your House

Did we mention that one major benefit of staying in on New Year's is, well, staying in? Not having to leave your house is pretty great, especially on this night of the year when transport can be hectic and there are potentially more drunk drivers out than normal. Staying in keeps you from having to deal with any of it.


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3. You're Not Going to Be Disappointed by Some Unrealistic Standard

We don't want to sound negative here, but sometimes a lot of hype around one night can lead to a lot of disappointment. If you have grand plans to attend for New Year's, you might feel like you've put a lot of pressure on making this night the "best night ever," as if it's supposed to set the whole new year up for success somehow. That's a pretty tough standard to live up to, but staying in comes with absolutely no expectations and no disappointment to be had.


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4. You Don't Have to Watch Any Awkward Midnight Kissing

Sharing a midnight kiss with your partner can be sweet, but virtually any other version of this New Year's tradition is just a bit…yikes. You absolutely don't need to feel like you're missing out for not having someone by your side to kiss when the countdown is complete, and staying in keeps you from having to watch all the awkward kisses happen around you, too.


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5. You Can Focus On Your Resolutions/Things That Make You Happy

Who says it's too late to start thinking of your New Year's resolutions when you're only minutes to midnight on December 31st? Staying in gives you a chance to collect your thoughts and think about what you really want in the new year, allowing you to actually write them down and put a little more effort into trying to make them happen. If you're not a resolutions person, you can just use the time to do other relaxing things that bring you joy instead (might we recommend a little self-care session?).


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