Why Valentine's Day Is the Worst, Even When You're in a Relationship

Oh, Valentine's Day.

The national day of love is almost upon us, and honestly? I couldn't care less.

Here's the thing: I've done Valentine's Day single, I've done Valentine's Day in a relationship—and both times it was seriously the most annoying holiday.

Even though Feb. 14 is supposed to be all heart eyes and shooting arrows, it rarely works out as perfectly as you imagine in your mind. You can have a perfect significant other and be completely happy and in love, and Valentine's Day still won't be all that fun.

Don't believe me? Keep scrolling for all the reasons why Valentine's Day is the worst, even when you're in a relationship.

There's Too Much Pressure

Valentine's Day is built around the idea that you're supposed to create the perfect romantic setting for you and your partner. It's a day focused on how much you love and appreciate each other, so you better not mess it up!! At least, that's what we're told. There's tons of pressure on couples—especially new couples—to make their Valentine's Day align with everything they see in movies and TV. You have to book the best dinner reservations, get the shiniest and most meaningful gift, buy a dozen roses and scatter the petals all over the floor—it's too much.

Instead of having a fun time with your S.O. and telling each other how much you mean to one another, you're weighed down by all the pressures of planning a perfect V-Day date, which takes all the fun and excitement right out of it.


Everything's More Expensive

Because Valentine's Day is such a popular holiday, everything you're "supposed" to buy your S.O. is about a million times (a rough estimate) more expensive. Restaurants up the price of their menu items for the evening and call it a "Valentine's Day Special," and stores suddenly think it's okay to charge $10 for a box of subpar chocolates. The problem is you still have to buy all these overpriced items in order to make your Valentine's Day with your S.O. special. At the end of the day, you're just stuck with a bunch of overly expensive rubbish that you really didn't need in the first place.


Finding the Perfect Gift Is Impossible

In addition to everything being more expensive, finding the perfect gift for your S.O. is actually impossible because no one has any idea what to buy. Beyond flowers, chocolates and jewelry, there are very few suggestions for romantic V-Day gifts. Also, these gifts are geared towards girls, so what on earth are you supposed to get your boyfriend? You don't want to buy something too expensive because Valentine's Day is on a lower level than other holidays, but you also don't want to be cheap, only to have them give you a very extravagant gift. There's no way to find the perfect gift, and now you have to stress about whether or not they'll like your gift, up until the second that they open it. Not fun.


Going Out Is Too Crowded

One foolproof Valentine's Day plan is booking a dinner reservation at some swanky restaurant for you and your S.O. However, a nice dinner date is literally everyone'Valentine's Day plan, so every restaurant in town is annoyingly overcrowded. Even when you have a reservation, restaurants are so stuffed with celebrating couples that you hardly have any room to breathe. There are too many people anywhere you go, and it ruins your ability to enjoy your celebration with your love.


It Creates Tension With Your Single Friends

Being in a relationship on Valentine's Day sounds like the dream, but it's somehow still just as awkward as when you were single. Instead of watching your friends happily going on dates with their S.O.s and trying not to be annoyed at their blissful existence, now you're the friend happily going on dates with your S.O.

Sure, it's nice that you have someone to spend the holiday with, but now you have to navigate the best way to approach the subject among your single friends. You don't want to make anyone jealous or rub your happiness in their face, but completely avoiding the subject feels just as obviously awkward. No matter how you look at it, there's always going to be a little bit of tension discussing Valentine's Day with your single friends, which wouldn't be a problem if Valentine's Day just didn't happen.

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You Shouldn't Have to Wait for Valentine's Day to Show Your Love

This is the most typical reason to dislike Valentine's Day, but it's also the truth. If you truly love and care for someone, you should be able to show them through little gestures every single day, rather than big, unnecessary gestures one day a year. Valentine's Day is a materialistic holiday that tells you useless gifts and trinkets are the only way to show your love for someone, which just isn't true. Whether you want to take your S.O. to that concert they've been talking about, or you want to cuddle on the couch and binge-watch your favorite Netflix show together, you can show your love to your S.O. the other 364 days of the year, and it won't be tainted by the overwhelming pressures of Valentine's Day.


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