4 Reasons Why You Don't Need to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

How many times has someone told you to step outside your comfort zone? A lot, right?

But what about the times that are absolutely not necessary for you to do so?

One of Sweety High's fave gals, Sophie Michelle, gave us some great insight into the subject: "Don't step out of your comfort box. Just do whatever you feel confident in doing." Whether it's approaching your crush or jumping off a waterfall—if you're not self-confident in the matter, you should not feel the need to leave your zone of contentment. 

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Keep reading for four reasons why you don't need to step outside your comfort zone:

1. The Timing Isn't Right

Unfortunately, time plays a larger role in our lives than we tend to realize. Whether it affects a relationship or your future, there are instances where we don't have full control over the situations at hand.

If you start dating someone and find out they're moving across the country or away for college, you have a lot to consider. Are you willing to sacrifice your time and comfort in the situation you're in, to be with them somewhere new and strange?

2. You Aren't Fully Prepared

People can be bullies without meaning to. Has anyone ever incessantly asked you to do something in front of other people, and you felt like you had to give in because of the audience? You were probably trying to save face and avoid embarrassing yourself.

Maybe a teacher asked you to read a chapter aloud to the class—but if you have dyslexia or simply get nervous in public speaking situations, doing so on the spot is not a good idea.

Perhaps a friend told you to sign up for a sports team with them. But if you weren't prepared and hadn't trained all summer, you risk passing out, hurting yourself and potentially even hurting others. It's okay to say no, or to explain to someone beforehand why you don't want to be up for the challenge.

3. It Will Bring About Anxiety

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you want no part in? At times, of course it's great to try out something new. However, that isn't always the case. It's important to remember it's okay to say no if you know that whatever you do will make you uncomfortable. Say no to going to that one party where you don't know a soul. Say no to giving a toast at a friend's birthday. Say no to signing up for that extra class. If you know you're prone to anxiety, there's absolutely no reason why you should make yourself uncomfortable.

4.  You're Not Mature Enough

If you rely on your parents for everything, have no self control or always place the blame on someone else, chances are, you haven't reached your peak emotional maturity.

For example, if you were asked out by an older student at school but have yet to step foot into the pool of dating, it might not be smart to say yes. They might see it as an opportunity to use your naivety as a way to take advantage of you—something you might not even be aware of happening. Or if you're asked to take on a responsibility or job that you have zero experience in, it's okay to turn down an opportunity, even if it will make you more money or impress people.

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Now that you know about the times to not step outside of your comfort zone, HERE are some easy ways to push yourself outside your comfort zone.