Why Elfster is the App You NEED This Holiday Season

With the holiday season approaching, it's hard not to let our thoughts become consumed with visions of twinkling lights, hot cocoa around a blazing fire (or even just a virtual one) and, of course, gifting.

Whether you prefer to give or receive them, gifts can be difficult. Between varying budgets and simply not knowing what someone might like, giving and receiving holiday gifts can quickly turn the season of joy into the season of stress. Worry not though, as now there's a solution that even Santa might be jealous of: Elfster. Basically, this simple and easy-to-use app allows users to create wish lists and view the wish lists of their friends. Here are a few reasons why you (and your family and friends) should download it ASAP:

1. You Can Link Specific Products

You know how you seem to forget everything you've ever wanted (or feel too awkward to say what you want out loud) when someone asks you what you want for Christmas? Say goodbye to that feeling—and to the terrible gifts you'll have to fake smiles about upon receiving before tucking into your closet where they'll never again see the light of day. With Elfster, you can link specific items from online for your family and friends to view as well as adding simple descriptions of items you might like ("gas card" or "cute notebooks," for example). That way, whoever may be looking to get you a gift won't have to do a bunch of guesswork trying to get you something you'll actually like, and the same goes for viewing your friends' wish lists.

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2. You Can Avoid Double-Gifting

One innovative feature of Elfster is how the app shows others who view your wish list whether or not an item has already been purchased by someone else—without ruining the surprise for you! That goes just as well when you're viewing someone else's list, as as it will show a "purchased by others" label on the item in question so that they won't get the same gift from two different people.


3. You Can Prioritize Most Wanted Items

While the user can't see the "already purchased by others" tag on their own wish list—thus keeping the surprise of what they might get intact—there's one tag that the user can add to their own list: "Most Wanted." This will show your family or friends what items you would most like to receive, and even if they don't get you that exact item, it will at least give them an idea of what you want.

4. No Hidden Prices

Everyone has a different budget when it comes to what they can afford to get their family and friends for Christmas or another holiday, which is why the price listing on Elfster is so great. When you link an item, especially directly from Amazon as the app makes incredibly easy, the price shows right there so the person viewing the list has an idea of how much they'll be spending. In that respect, it's best to include items of a range of prices for those friends who may be a little short on cash as well as your wealthy aunt who might just shell out for the priciest item on your list (hey, you've been good this year after all, right?).


5. You Can Create a Gift Exchange

Elfster goes beyond just creating good old-fashioned wish lists with a modern twist—it also allows you to create a gift exchange! Whether you're working out a secret Santa with some friends or just want to schedule an exchange, Elfster allows you to name, schedule and create a deadline for your gift exchange. Then all you have to do is invite the elves in question and get gifting!


And if you're left needing more reasons to download Elfster right away, all you need to know is that it's free and you can use it for birthday wish lists as well as for the holidays!

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Looking for a gift idea that's a little out of the ordinary? Elfster can still help, but you may also want to click HERE for some budget-friendly gift ideas that are good year-round.