Why Overnight Oats Should Be Your New Go-To Breakfast

If you thought that oats for breakfast were only something your grandma might like, think again.

We're not talking about the same-old "mushy" oatmeal you've surely munched on at some point—we're talking overnight oats. Unlike the other oat-based options, this delightful dish is one you'll actually want to incorporate into your regular routine—so, before you get ready to dive into your breakfast, let's dive into why overnight oats should be your new go-to choice:


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1. They're Super Healthy

There's a reason oatmeal has been a staple for the "most important meal of the day" for years, not to mention across the world. Oats are tiny powerhouses that pack tons of nutrients and fiber, making them the perfect way to start your day. Plus, oats pair super well with other healthy breakfast-friendly ingredients like fruit, chia seeds, protein powder and spices like cinnamon. Altogether, you get a perfectly balanced breakfast that starts your day off on a great note.

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2. They're Customizable

Speaking of all those healthy things you can add to your overnight oats, that's the fun part of what makes this such a great go-to breakfast choice! That way, you're less likely to get bored of eating the same exact thing before school or work every day, as you can pick your fixings to suit whatever mood you're in at the time. Whether you're a blueberry-and-banana fan or want to start your day on a sweeter note with some chocolate protein powder and a couple of dark chocolate chips sprinkled in, you can customize your bowl of oats as you please.

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3. They're Easy to Make

The reason overnight oats have become such a popular choice for breakfast these days (we won't even bother calling it a trend—this one's here to stay) is because it's not only nutritious and delicious, but it's also super easy to make. In fact, you literally don't have to do anything the morning of if you don't want to (besides eat it, of course). Basically, you'll prep all your ingredients—typically the recipe will include things like half a mashed banana, milk or water, your toppings of choice, possibly some protein powder for sweetness and flavor and, of course, oats—stir it up, and just straight up leave it in a container in your fridge overnight until it's time to chow down in the morning. So yes, you'll have to do some amount of prep work, but it takes minutes at most and allows you to snooze if you choose in the morning without accidentally skipping breakfast in the process.

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Need some oat-ful ideas to get you started? Whether you choose to make your oats fresh in the form of oatmeal or want to make your own overnight oats after checking out this list of reasons, you can find some great recipes for your next oat adventure by clicking HERE.