Why You Should Actually Expose Yourself to Rejection

Few of us run headlong into opportunities to get rejected.

Typically, human beings yearn to be accepted, and not to be refused when we go out on a limb to go after the things that we desire. Unfortunately, rejection is a natural part of life. While it might not be comfortable, it is inevitable. And that's exactly the reason we should consider not avoiding rejection at all costs.

Why in the world would you want to get rejected? Keep reading to find out.

It Makes Accepting Rejection Easier

Does getting rejected for even small things feel like the worst thing in the world? It may be unpleasant, but it's possible that you simply need to train yourself in that area and work out your rejection muscles, so to speak. Through exposure to the word "no," it becomes easier to hear, and every time you don't get exactly what you want, you'll become better prepared to deal with the feeling next time.

Think of it as the process of building yourself, and not just of getting the next thing you want. Rejections will never stop happening, and that's okay! They just mean that you're actually asking for what you need out of life. When you stop getting rejected, you're no longer moving forward. Plus, dealing with adversity is a strength, teaching you to succeed even when you don't get what you want. That's one valuable life lesson to learn.

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It Makes You Rethink What Matters

It may be weird to think about, but sometimes being rejected is exactly what you need to help you figure yourself out. When you don'get exactly what you want, you can figure out what truly matters to you, and where your priorities actually rest. Something may seem like it matters more than anything, and that it's the end-all, be-all of who you are—but if you don't get it, it was never actually your destiny. There are always more opportunities on the horizon, and you may actually find that getting what you thought you needed will actually push you toward what you truly do require. It just might open you up to something you never would have considered in the past. It's all about approaching it with the right perspective.

Plus, rejection can teach you about areas you can work on. It's a chance for growth. Instead of resenting what happened and ruminating on the past, think about the future, focus on the newly exposed weak areas and approach the situation next time as a better and more-improved you. If you were rejected while being your authentic, best self, it was never going to work out anyhow.


It Makes You More Open to Trying for the Big Things

Once you learn to effectively deal with rejection regarding the little things, you'll be more willing to shoot your shot when it comes to the big ones. Have you ever not applied for something you really wanted just because you were afraid of being crushed by not getting it? Every rejection is practice, and you can work on minimizing that fear. The more rejections you face, the less meaningful each one can be.

Remember that the more opportunities you pursue, the more you're going to get—simple as that. Maybe it's time to apply for that job you really want, try out for that dream team, or even go for it and finally reveal your feelings to your crush. If you don't try, you'll never know—so why not go for broke and just do it?

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It Makes Victories Special

When you're cool with rejection and getting them all of the time, then the times you don'get rejected become unique triumphs. They make sweet wins that much sweeter—and that might be worth it in itself. Without those rejections, you wouldn't know just how magical acceptance is. And that's not to mention the fact that you'll have more victories the more attempts you make. Mastering the art of being rejected truly can make your life better in some powerful ways.

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